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Noemi David


Dipartimento di Matematica


  • N. David and B. Perthame. Free boundary limit of tumor growth model with nutrient. Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, 2021
  • N. David and M. Schmidtchen. On the Incompressible Limit for a Tumour Growth Model incorporating Convective Effects. arXiv preprint ArXiv:2103.02564, 2021
  • G. Ciavolella and N. David and A. Poulain. Interface conditions fora model of tumour invasion through a membrane. arXiv preprint, ArXiv:2105.02063, 2021.
  • N. David and X. Ruan. An asymptotic preserving scheme for a tumor growthmodel of porous medium type. arXiv preprint, ArXiv:2105.10376, 2021
  • N. David and T. Debic and B. Perthame, Convergence rate for theincompressible limit of nonlinear diffusion-advection equations, arxiv Preprint, ArXiv:2108.00787, 2021

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