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Niva Lorenzini

Adjunct Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Curriculum vitae

Niva Lorenzini is Full Professor in the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Bologna since October 1st, 2003. She teaches Italian Contemporary Literature in D.A.M.S. (Undergraduate Course of Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts) and Italian Poetry of the Twentieth Century in the “Laurea Magistrale” Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures and Linguistics (Second Level Degree Course).

Niva Lorenzini has been President of D.A.M.S. from 2004 to 2007, and Head of the Department of Italian Studies from 2008 to 2011.
She taught as Visiting Professor in many Universities in USA (Brown, Yale, Harvard), and in Europe: Trinity College of Dublin, as well as Universities of Glasgow, London, Oxford, Paris III, Pécs, Bruxelles, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Gand, Lyon, Lausanne, Ascona.

She is a member of the steering committee of the Gramsci Institute of Bologna. She is a Professor of the PhD of Italian Studies as well as she is editor of many reviews, like “il verri”.

She specialises in two interconnected fields of research: the first one regards issues about theory and history of literature, in particular about the changing of literary categories and research methodologies both in the poetical language of the Nineteenth-Twentieth centuries and in its relationship with the European history of thoughts; the second one concerns textual and intertextual analysis both in poetry and in fiction.

Regarding the first issue, going from the Seventies to nowadays, her publications concern textual criticism, the methods of irony in literature, the issue of perception («il verri» 1990), the poetry of Novissimi (Il laboratorio della poesia, Roma, 1978), the cultural changes from the Aestheticism of the Nineteenth century to the Avant-garde of the early Twentieth century (Il frammento infinito, Milano 1988), the Italian poetry of the Twentieth century (Il presente della poesia, Bologna 1991; La poesia italiana del Novecento, Bologna 1999 and 2005; Le parole esposte, Milano 2002; La poesia: tecniche di ascolto (Ungaretti, Rosselli, Sereni, Porta, Zanzotto, Sanguineti), Lecce 2003; Corpo e poesia nel Novecento italiano, Milan 2009; Sanguineti e il teatro della scrittura (la pratica del travestimento da Dante a Durer), Milan, 2011; Giuseppe Ungaretti, Milan 2012 (in collaboration with S. Colangelo).

Besides, she mainly specialized in Gabriele d'Annunzio's works within the European overview (Il segno del corpo, Roma 1984; D'Annunzio, Palermo 1993 - with three DVD attached - and the edition of Versi d'amore e di gloria, I, 1982 e Prose di romanzi, II, 1989, included in the collection “I Meridiani” Mondadori).

Her works about the second issue have been published in many miscellanea (the conferences D'Annunzio a Yale and The Mouth of Poetry, in Italian in America –1998, Yale; Italian Poetry since 1956 - 1993, Oxford; A Cosmic Poet and His Testament: the Bicentenary of Giacomo Leopardi's Birth – 1998, Dublin; Poetry in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s – 2001, London; Secondo Novecento: Italian Poetry (1945-2000) - 2002, Glasgow).

Furthermore, she has been promoting many conferences and debates as well as editing several issues of works about contemporary poetry, especially poems and translations by Edoardo Sanguineti (Faust. Un travestimento, Carocci 2003; Commedia dell'Inferno. Un travestimento dantesco, Carocci 2005), by Amelia Rosselli (Sonno-Sleep, Genova 2003), by Antonio Porta (Poesie 1956-1988, Milano 1987, Yellow, Milano 2002; Tutte le poesie, Garzanti, Milano 2008); she has been also the editor of Andrea Zanzotto's essays (dirti "Zanzotto", Varese, 2013, in collaboration with F. Carbognin) and poems (an article, among many others, about the relationship between poetry and silence was published in 2006 both in the review “Quaderns de Filologia. Estudis Literaris”, Universitat de Valéncia, and on the review “Po&sie” in French translation) and she has generally worked upon Italian poetry of Twentieth century (projecting and editing, for instance, the anthology Poesia del Novecento italiano, Rome, 2002) and the book (edited in collaboration with S. Colangelo) Poesia e Storia, Milan, 2013.