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Navid Ghasemi

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali

Curriculum vitae

Scarica Curriculum Vitae (.pdf 390KB )

Academic backgound

  • Double Degree PhD student, University of Bologna (DICAM) / Paris-Est University (MSTIC)/ IFSTTAR

    PhD in Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM)

    PhD in Signal, Image and Automation (MSTIC)

    Thesis: Road infrastructure safety, studying human-road-vehicle interaction in a real and simulated environment, with particular attention to the platform dynamics and the improvement of the control of the driving simulator

  • M.Sc. in Civil Engineeringand Infrastructures, University of Bologna, Italy (2016)

    Thesis: Context-Sensitive Design in Transportation Infrastructures

  • B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran (2013)

Research Experience

  • LEPSIS, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR), Paris, France (Jan. 2017 – Feb.2018), (Mar.2019-Aug.2019)

    “Improving the restitution movement platform of the 2DOF driving simulator with particular attention to the dynamic of the vehicle and the driver behaviour” under supervision of Prof. H. Imine, Prof A. Simone

  • NTEC (Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre), University of Nottingham, UK (Sep.2015 – Feb.2016)

    “Investigating rheological behaviour of modified Bitumens, Mastics, Mortars and Asphalt Mixtures with recycled crumb rubber material ” under the supervision of Prof. G.Airey. Prof. C. Sangiorgi

  • Hydraulic Lab. Civil Engineering (IUT), Isfahan, Iran (2010 – 2012)

Research Assistant responsible for designing, developing and calibrating a scaled vertical manhole model used in water drainage systems under the supervision of Dr M.R.Chamani


M. Madh Khan, N. Ghasemi, S. Hajibeig Tehrani” Concrete Technology” Book (Under Publish)

M. Fereshteh pour, M.R. Chamani, N. Ghasemi, K. Asghari, " 3D Modelling of the water flow on Vertical Drop with Constriction and Dilation with ‘Open Foam’ Software", 11th Hydraulic Conference Iran, 2012 (published)

N. Ghasemi, H. Imine, C. Lantieri, A. Simone, V. Vignali, E. Acerra “Road Safety Review update by using innovative technologies to investigate driver behaviour”, TISROMA conference, 2019 (Accepted)

N. Ghasemi, H. Imine, A. Simone, C. Lantieri, V. Vignali, K. Finamore, “Longitudinal Motion Cueing Effects on Driver Behaviour: A Driving Simulator Study”, Advances in Transport Studies Journal, 2019 (Accepted)

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft Office,Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MATLAB & Simulink, SPSS, AutoCAD & Civil 3D

Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistant in “Statics” course, Isfahan University of Technology (Course Responsible: Prof. M. Madh Khan (Fall 2010), Dr Behfarnia (Spring 2010)

Workshop, Seminars and conferences

Volunteer working in the “5th International Cycling Safety Conference”, November 2016, Bologna, Italy

Participating in “I SIIV ARENA”, Novembre 2016, Bologna, Italy

Participating in “New railway bridges for faster trains”, order of Engineering Bologna, December 2016, Bologna, Italy

Participating In “Transport Research Arena”, April 2018, Vienna, Austria

Participating and presenting poster at “DICAM Works”, June 2018, Bologna, Italy

Participating In “Crash Test Auto and ADAS”, June 2018, Order Of Engineering Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Attending to the “Summer School on Integrated Mobility System Engineering: ICT, Big Data, Signalling, Infrastructure and Project Management”, ALSTOM, UNIBO and RFI, July and September 2018, Bologna, Italy

Participating and presenting in the “Winter School On Human Factors Aspects of Cooperative Systems Design”, November 2018, TUM Munich, Germany

Participating and assisting in The “Humanist Summer school”, July 2019, IFSTTAR Lyon, France

Achievements, Interests and Awards

2013: Achieving Bologna University scholarship, University of Bologna, Italy

2015: Recipient of Erasmus+ Scholarship for study period at Nottingham University.

2018: Receipting of best PhD presentation award by DICAM, University of Bologna, Italy

2019: Selected among best PhD presentation at Paris-EST University, Paris, France


Persian (Mother Tongue)

English (Fluent)

Italian (Intermediate written and spoken)

German (Elementary written and spoken)

French (Elementary written and spoken)

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