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Mauro Perani

Adjunct professor

Department of Cultural Heritage


Keywords: Medieval Hebrew manuscripts Hebrew epigraphy Archaeology of the Hebrew book Hebrew codicology and palaeography Hebrew epitaphs in rhyme and rhythm of Jewish cemeteries "Italian and European Genizah"

- The most ancient entire Sefer Torah (Scroll of the Hebrew Pentateuch for liturgical use, with only the consonant text) (re-) discovered by Mauro Perani in 2013 at the University Library of Bologna. As the scribes wrote the Sefer Torah in the first millennium C.E. The use of tagin or the crowns on some letter according to the Babylonian tradition of Sefer Tagin and the Babylonian Talmud, Menachot 29b and the Palestinian tradition of Masseket soferim.

- The "Italian Geniza": census and cataloguing of fragments from medieval Hebrew manuscripts copied between the 10th and the 15th centuries, reused in the 16th and 17th centuries as of bookbinding of registers and records kept in Italian archives and libraries or of printed books binding. The census, to be completed, has led to the discovery of more than 15,000 fragments (mostly folios and bifolios) of parchment manuscripts, including some unicum extant text, survived thanks to reuse.

- "The Genizah Gerona": discovery, inventory and cataloguing of thousands of fragments of Hebrew manuscripts reused in bindings of volumes stored at Girona in Catalonia, where there is a reuse since the 14th century of thousands of Hebrew manuscripts reused to make paper cartons for hundreds of notarial registers ligature. Publication of the catalogues of the most important collections of fragments of Hebrew manuscripts.

- Manuscript sources for the study of the Jewish Community of Lugo di Romagna: study and publication of the handwritten and printed books produced by the Qehilla qedoshah of Lugo during the 17th-18th centuries. In particular the communitarian Pinqasim or registers.

- Project Corpus Epitaphiorum Hebraicorum Italiae founded by Mauro Perani, whose aim is the edition of the epitaphs of the sepulchral inscriptions of ancient Jewish Italian cemeteries of centre and north Italy of the XIV-XIX: a population registers engraved on stone, a collection of poems in rhyme and meter, a formidable source for the history, genealogy, art decorations and Hebrew palaeography. Creation of a web site with all the data and the poems contained in the Italian epitaphs.


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