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Mattia Guidetti

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-OR/11 Muslim Archaeology and Art History


Giovedì 19 maggio 2022, ore 17:00-18:30, AULA 1 Via Zamboni 33 - Seminario valido per CFU Seminari di ARCO - SSO - ARCHEOLOGIA

An Early Islamic Microcosm in the Azraq Oasis

Dott. Alexander Brey

(Wellesley College)

Diverse plants, animals, humans, and supernatural hybrids decorate the paving stones of an early Islamic reservoir platform in the Azraq oasis, Jordan. Built for an unknown Umayyad-era patron in the late seventh or early eighth century, the platform is typically eclectic in its iconography but features an unusual composition adapted from Roman-Byzantine zodiac diagrams and unprecedented “jigsaw-puzzle” interlocking masonry. The stone pieces of this Umayyad puzzle echo the rhetoric of political and cosmic fragmentation and reassembly that appears in early Arabic poetry and chronicles, suggesting that Umayyad patrons and builders articulated meaning through technique as well as composition and content.

Giovedì 19 maggio 2022, ore 17:00-18:30

Aula 1, Via Zamboni 33

Published on: May 12 2022