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Mario Vayra

Associate Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: L-LIN/01 Historical and General Linguistics


Keywords: Language acquisition Information structure, syntax and intonation Perception and phonology Phonetic explanations in phonology L1 and L2 phonetic and phonological acquisition Phonetics and Phonology Sociophonetics, bilinguism Articulatory Phonology Syllble, accentual prominence and linguistic rhythm Aphasia and Phonological Theory Phonological markedness and complexity

  • Phonological Theory and Experimental Phonetics: The articulatory bases of accentual prominence and of Syllable structure in Romance and Germanic Languages. The contribution of Articulatory Phonology.
  • Pragmatics and Prosody: The role of Intonation in the Information Structure of Utterance and Discourse.
  • Language Acquisition (L1) and Production: From earliest vocalizations to the Emergence of Phonology in the Child.
  • Language Acquisition (L2) and Perception: The Attunement Process on Second Language Phonology.
  • Sociophonetics: language contact in migratory settings.Native dialect’s maintenance and change in Italian-Australian bilinguals originating from Veneto and Calabria and living in the Greater Sydney Area. Phonetic and phonological aspects in first and second generation speech: the status of coronals and voicing (VOT)
  • Aphasia and phonological theory. Phonological markedness and complexity in phonemic paraphasias. Case studies of Broca and conduction aphasia.