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Maria Pia Fantini


Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/42 Hygiene and Public Health

Head of Scuola di Specializzazione Igiene e Medicina Preventiva (DI 68/2015)

Director of First Cycle Degree of Health Assistance

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Maria Pia Fantini

Date of birth: August 17, 1952

Member of Medical Register of Bologna n. 0000009092

Full Professor of General and Applied Hygiene (Academic discipline MED/42)

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, University of Bologna


2014 - National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor

1991 – Specialization in Paediatric Neuropsychiatry, University of Bologna

1983 – Specialization in Immunological and Allergic Diseases, University of Florence

1980 – Specialization in Paediatrics, University of Bologna

1977 – Board Certified Physician

1977 - Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Bologna

Positions held

November 2016 – present: Full Professor of General and Applied Hygiene (Academic discipline MED/42), University of Bologna, School of Medicine.

May – June 2016. Visiting Professor at the Center for Health Policy/Primary Care and Outcomes Research, Stanford University, California, USA.

October 2002 – October 2016 : Associate Professor of Health Care Services Planning and Organization, University of Bologna, School of Medicine.

April 1996 – October 2002: Assistant Professor of Health Care Services Planning and Organization, School of Medicine, University of Bologna.

2015 – present: Coordinator of the Degree Course in Public Health Promoters, School of Medicine, University of Bologna.

2014 – present: Director of the Post-graduate School in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, University of Bologna.

September 2010 – present: Head of Master Course in “Health Care Services Management for healthcare managers”, University of Bologna.

2009–2015: Coordinator of the Course in Preventive Techniques in the Environment and in the Workplace, School of Medicine, University of Bologna.

2004–2007: Coordinator of the PhD Program in Public Health and Occupational Medicine.

2002–2006: Director of the High School in Health Care Policies, University of Bologna (Interdepartmental centre of the Department of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Economic Sciences and Specialty School in Public Administration).

2009–2014. Director of the Master in “Health care organization management”, University of Bologna.

2000–2008: Director of Master in “Planning, organisation and evaluation of health care services”, University of Bologna.

July – August 1997: Visiting research assistant at the Center for Research in Medical Education and Health

Care, Jefferson Medical College, University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1996–2002: Consultant to the Health Care and Social Authority, Emilia Romagna Region for the provision, utilisation, and evaluation of health care services; Project Coordinator “Evaluation of the ambulatory case mix”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Health, and “Development and validation of guidelines for the application of knowledge–based practices in health care services”.

1989–1996: Chief medical assistant in community paediatric services and Director of public health program in paediatrics, Mother and Child Services, Local Health Authority of Bologna.

1982–1989: Community paediatrician, community health program coordinator for paediatric nutrition and vaccinations, and school integration of HIV–positive children.

Research activities and Funding

Programma Regione Università 2010/2012. Unit 2 coordinator. “Newborns and children with complex health care needs. Implementation and evaluation of sheltered discharge and integrated care pathways in the province of Bologna, funded by the AOSP Sant’Orsola–Malpighi, Bologna. Duration : 14/04/2012 – 13/04/2014 – extended to 13/04/2015).

CCM Program 2009 Regione Emilia Romagna – Direzione Generale Sanità e Politiche Sociali. Scientific Coordinator “Comprehensive Community and Home–Based Health Care Model (CCHBHC) for people with social or health frailty and patients with COPD or Heart Failure. Duration: 09/03/2010 – 09/03/2012, extended to March 2013).

PRIN 2007 Unit coordinator “Practice models of family paediatricians and their impact on care practice “ Duration 24 months: 22/09/2008 – 21/09/2010.

Programma Regione–Università 2007/2009. Unit coordinator. “Evaluation of the impact of audit and feedback instruments on clinical outcomes in surgery and internal medicine”. Duration 24 months: 15/02/2008 – 14/02/2010.

Fifth Framework Programme, European Commission. Unit coordinator “Tele–re–Habilitation thRough Interactive Video Endorsement (THRIVE)– QLG5–CT–2002–01386”. Duration: 48 months: 02 /01/2003 31/12/2006.

University teaching

Undergraduate courses currently held at the University of Bologna:

Medicine and Surgery

– General and applied hygiene

– Planning, organisation and healthcare management


– Medical Statistics

Preventive strategies for the environment and workplaces

– Epidemiology and vaccination strategies

Public health promoters

– Epidemiological methods for the research in healthcare

– Principles of epidemiology

– Global health and its determinants

Graduate courses currently held at the University of Bologna:

Hygiene and Preventive Medicine:

– Hygiene and public health

– Descriptive and inferential epidemiology

– Quality evaluation for health services

– Local healthcare organizational models

Occupational Medicine:

– Medical statistics

– General and applied hygiene

Courses in Hygiene and Public Health for residents in: forensic medicine, infectious diseases, nutritional sciences, ophtalmology, paediatrics, radio-diagnostics and vascular surgery at the University of Bologna.

International teaching

July 2013 (Bertinoro, Italy) – Teaching experience in the international course in “Organizzazione e Gestione dei servizi socio sanitari territoriali per manager socio sanitari Yemeniti” organised by the NGO CESTAS in collaboration with Bologna University.

May–June 2012 (Santiago, Chile) – Lecturer at the International Master of ”Salud Pùblica, Politicas Sanitarias, Organizaciòn de los Servicios y Epidemiologìa, con ènfasis en Salud Materno–Infantil y Enfermedades Emergentes”, organized by the NGO CESTAS in collaboration with Bologna University.

March 2009 (Rennes, France) – Lecturer at “École des hautes études en santé publique”, as a faculty member part of the Erasmus Programme.

Membership in Scientific Associations/Committees

Società Italiana di Igiene – Italian Association of Public Health

Società Italiana Medici Manager Italian Association of Medical Managers

European Public Health Association EUPHA

CARD Italian Association of District Directors in Primary Care


Research interests:

• Pediatrics

• Public Health

• Outcomes research

• Health services research

Maria Pia Fantini is author of 235 publications, of which 137 indexed in SCOPUS.

SCOPUS H-index is 22, with a total of 1605 citations.

She authored 4 books and 48 book chapters.