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Marco Zoppi

Research fellow

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Research Fellow at the Department of Political and Social Sciences. His main research interests include: the study of migration phenomena in the European space, with particular attention to the Balkan area and the Central Mediterranean route; the analysis of integration processes and social safety nets in the diaspora; the study of Euro-African relations, their historical development and future prospects.


Bachelor's Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Bologna)

Master in African Studies (University of Copenhagen, Center for African Studies)
[thesis: Italy's historic despotism in Somalia]

PhD in Histories and Dynamics of Globalization (Roskilde University)
[thesis: Horizons of security. State and extended family: the Somali safety net in Scandinavia]



Sept. 2017 – Sept. 2019. Research Assistant at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

Dec. 2013 – Jun. 2017. PhD Fellow at the Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University, Denmark

Sept. 2012 – Nov. 2012. Intern at UNIDO ITPO Italy (United Nations Organization for Industrial Development, Investment and Technologies Promotion Office)

Feb. 2012 – Jul. 2012. Intern at FOCSIV, Human Resources Office (Italy’s largest association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Jul. 2011 – Dec. 2011. Intern at Philanthropy Research Centre (Research and training Centre on fundraising, corporate social responsibility and nonprofit sector)



2019. Second edition of Uniadrion Summer school (Topic: Migration flows and territorial impact). Ancona, 13 September.

2019. Academic Skills seminar for students of the European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (ERMA). Bertinoro, 11 September.

2019. Summer School: “International Summer School in Mass Displacement”. V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, 12 August. Lecture ICreating Territorial Cooperation: The impact of the International Dialog and Migration Flows in South-East Europe. Present flow of migration. Lecture II: Policy towards migrants in EU countries. Focus on Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Great Britain. Impact on welfare policies and public social security systems + Migration Policies Lab.

2018. Winter school: “Creating Territorial Cooperation: The Impact of the Intercultural Dialogue and Migration Flows in South-East Europe”. Cesenatico, 17 December. The school was part of a Jean Monnet project focusing on “Democratization and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans”, led by theNew York University in Tirana.

2018. Seminar “Le migrazioni attraverso i Balcani”. Forlì Campus of the University of Bologna, 10 December.

2018. First edition of Uniadrion Summer school (Topic: Migration issues in the Balkans). Ancona, 18 September.

2018. XXIII International Summer School organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) (Panel: at the intersection of migration and populist politics). Kőszeg, 4 July.

2016. Lecture “Eurafrica: ideology and the legacy of the encounter between two continents”, as part of the Course on Modern European History, Roskilde University, 31 March.

2014. “From triangular to multi-angular structures of migration”, as part of The Migration Seminar series, Malmö University, 11 September.


Peer-Review Activities - Appointments to Editorial Boards

Peer-reviewer for the following journals: Cultural Encounters in War; Journal of African Union Studies; Regional & Federal Studies

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The East African Journal of Social and Applied Sciences (EAJ-SAS). 2019-


Language Skills

Mother tongue: Italian

English: Excellent

French: Basic

Swahili: Basic



19. 2020 “‘Devo tornare dal mio gruppo’. Integrazione e rete di sicurezza nella diaspora”, Mondi Migranti (forthcoming).

18. 2019 with J. Mastilovic. “(In)security and immigration to depopulating territories in Southern and South-Eastern Europe”, Central and Eastern European Migration Review (forthcoming).

172019 Book Review of: Afrotopia by Felwine Sarr, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 2/2019: 428-431.

162019 “The ‘three’ absences of black Africans in European migration debates”, Mediterranean Politics, DOI: 10.1080/13629395.2019.1663662.

152019 “A Flow within the flow: Dynamics of 2015 and post-2015 migration from the Western Balkans to EU countries”, Southeastern Europe 43: 50-74.

142019 “Il mosaico territoriale europeo: La coesione territoriale per il post-2020 e le sue sfide tra demografia, migrazioni e disuguaglianza”, Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche (2018 Young Scholars Prize award)

132019 “L’a-storicità del dibattito contemporaneo sulle migrazioni”, Rivista Meridiana 94: 173-193.

122018 “Complexity, connections and prospects of recent migration flows in the Adriatic-Ionian and Danube regions”, in At the Intersection of Migration and Populist Politics, iASK working paper 1. Kőszeg, iASK: 6-14.

112018 “The role of the safety net in the integration process. Evidence from the Somali diaspora in Scandinavia”. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 17(4): 476-491.

102018 “Le politiche di attivazione nei paesi scandinavi: le minoranze tra responsabilità individuale e tensione comunitaria”. Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche 2/2018: 191-218.

92017 “Somalia: federating citizens or clans? Dilemmas in quest for stability”. Journal of Contemporary African Studies 36(1): 54-70.

82017 with E. L. Pedersen. “Gezi in the center and periphery: the struggles of Gezi as communicated by the Turkish media”, in In the Aftermath of Gezi, edited by Hans-Åke Persson and Oscar Hemer. New York: Palgrave Macmillan: 133-159.

72016 Europa e Africa: Anatomia di un incontro. Caserta: Edizioni Eiffel (book and e-book).

6. 2015 “Shrinking Futures Ahead? Debating Citizenship, Social Rights and Solidarity in the EU”, in Playing second fiddle? Contending visions of Europe’s future development, edited by Hans-Åke Persson, Bo Petersson & Cecilie Stokholm Banke. Malmö: Universus Press.

5. 2015 “Greater Somalia, the never-ending dream? Contested Somali borders: the power of tradition vs. the tradition of power”. Journal of African History, Politics and Society 1(1): 43-64.

4. 2014 “Tendenze islamiste in Somalia fino ad al Shabaab”. Politica Africana 1: 21-34.

32014 “I confini come linee di instabilità in Africa”. Federalismi 2/2014.

22013 “The Organisation of African Unity and the question of borders”, Journal of African Union Studies 1(1): 43-62.

1. 2013 “L’Africa in transizione tra locale e globale”, in Porta d'Africa Porta d’Europa Percorsi di interazione interculturale, conference proceedings: 33-56.



21. 2018 MIGRATUP project presentation at Espon seminar “New Narratives for Territorial Development”. Vienna, 6 December.

20. 2018 MIGRATUP project presentation at Espon-Interact conference “Migration flows and integration policies – data evidence and best practices in the EU”. Athens, 22 November.

19. 2018 Discussant at Human Rights Nights. Forlì, 20 November.

18. 2018 Complessità, connessioni e prospettive dei recenti ‑ussi migratori nella macroregione adriatico-ionica, presentation at the conference “Confini e Narrazioni: dati, esperienze e prospettive sulle migrazioni contemporanee”. Pesaro, 20 June.

17. 2018 Panelist at the 3rd Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region, EUSAIR. Catania, 24 May.

16. 2018 Discussant at “ABFestival” (panel: L’Europa per i giovani, la cultura e la creatività nella Regione. Adriatico-Ionica). Ancona, 6 April.

15. 2018 The Balkan Route: Territorial and Urban Potentials Connected to Migration and Refugee Flows, paper presented at the 12th Annual Conference of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights. Novi Sad, 19-23 February.

14. 2017 It’s almost like a religion now. Encountering the welfare state: stories from the Somalis in Scandinavia, paper presented at “NordHome: Citizenship and inclusion within the Nordic welfare states”. Roskilde University, 15-16 June.

13. 2016 Welfare and social security among the Somalis in Scandinavia¸ workshop at the Danish Refugee Council. Copenhagen, 24 October.

12. 2016 Horizons of Security: perceptions of welfare and socials security among the Somalis in Scandinavia, “K3 seminar series spring 2016”. Malmö University, 18 May.

11. 2016 Is that my responsibility?, paper presented at “The transformations of welfare State in Europe: an interdisciplinary Workshop”. University of Macerata, Italy, 15-16 April.

10. 2015 Horizons of security: welfare and social security among the Somalis in Scandinavia, paper presented at “Contending religions, identities and space. Living together in contemporary Africa and Europe”. University of Macerata, Italy, 12-13 November.

9. 2015 Horizons of Security: Welfare and Social Security among the Somalis in Scandinavia, “Africanist Graduate Forum”. Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen, 22 May.

8. 2015 From Gezi to Gezi: Media’s role in sending (or not sending) the message beyond Gezi, paper presented at the “MICS workshop: In the Aftermath of Gezi - From Social Movement to Social Change”, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 4-5 May.

7. 2015 Assessing political engagement in Malmö: Voices and Aspirations, “MUSA Brown Bag Seminar”. Malmö University, 13 April.

6. 2014 Contending accounts of the present past and expected futures in post-1991 Somalia, “K3 Research Seminars”. Malmö University, 17 December.

5. 2014 Immigrant Women’s Political Participation in Malmö: Obstacles and Opportunities, paper presented at the “Ørecomm Festival 2014 - Global Conference on Communication for Development”. Malmö University, 20 September.

4. 2014 Somalia: federating people or clans?, paper presented at “Nordic Africa Days: Misbehaving States and Behaving Citizens?” Nordic African Institute. Uppsala, Sweden, 26-27 September.

3. 2014 L’ascesa della questione delle Minoranze nella Somalia Post-guerra Civile, paper presented at the Third Conference of the Italian Association for African Studies (ASAI). University of Macerata, 17 September.

2. 2013 Exploiting the religious link as instrument for geopolitical control: Saudi agenda in Africa and its side effects in Somalia and Mali, paper presented at “In whose interests? Exploring Middle East involvement in Africa”. Afro-Middle East Centre, Pretoria, 5 November.

1. 2013 L’Africa in transizione tra locale e globale, paper presented at “L’Africa verso un futuro multipolare”. Millennium and CIF Benevento. Benevento, 27 April.



2018. Seminar Series “DimEast: Europe’s Eastern Challenges: understanding the diversity of migration in the EU’s neighbor areas”. University of Bologna, Forlì Campus. Fall term (web:

2018. Winter school: “Creating Territorial Cooperation: The Impact of the Intercultural Dialogue and Migration Flows in South-East Europe”. University of Bologna. Venue: Cesenatico, 17 December.

2017. Organization and moderator of the book presentation: “Europe’s Utopias of Peace” (a book by Bo Stråth). Roskilde University, 4 October.



2021-23. Member of the Steering Committee and Researcher in the ADRION-funded project “ReInSer – Refugees’ Economic Integration through Social Entrepreneurship”, led by the Science and Research Centre Koper.

2020-23. Researcher in the project Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “GLocalEAST – Developing a new curriculum in Global Migration, Diaspora and Border Studies in East-Central Europe”. (led by Comenius University in Bratislava). Project Reference: 2020-1-SK01-KA203-078263.

2019-21. Researcher in the Jean Monnet Research Network “Bordeurs: new European Borderlands”, led by the Central European University of Budapest. Project Reference: 611891-EPP-1-2019-1-HU-EPPJMO-NETWORK.

2017-18. Coordinator of the international project titled “MIGRATUP - Territorial and Urban Potentials Connected to Migration and Refugee Flows”, financed by ESPON. Final project reports available on the project website:



2021. Research grant: “Dissemination of ESPON results among the scientific community – call for early career researchers” by ESPON.

2020. 2019 Richard Gillespie Prize awarded by Mediterranean Politics for the article: ‘The “three absences” of black Africans in European migration debates’.

2019. 2018 Young Scholars Prize awarded by Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche for the paper: “Il mosaico territoriale europeo: La coesione territoriale per il post-2020 e le sue sfide tra demografia, migrazioni e disuguaglianza”.