Foto del docente

Marco Virgili

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/09 Physiology

Curriculum vitae

Marco Virgili was born on May 1955. Obtained the degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Bologna and after four years working to a PhD program in Cellular Physiology and Biology (1986-1990), Marco Virgili has been employed as Research Assistant (1990-2000) and Researcher (2001-2002). From November 2002 he is Associate Professor in General Physiology at the University of Bologna. Except for a research period spent in Kjeller (Norway) at the Neurochemistry and toxicology Laboratory of FFI, working on metabolic aspects of excitatory amino acids in the rat retina, his scientific activity has been carried out in Italy with the main interests focused on the actions of natural neurotoxins, central nervous system development, cerebral aging, neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in vivo and in vitro models, with particular attention to excitotoxicity. At present, his research interests are focused on organotypic coltures of hippocampal and mesencephalic rat brain areas as models of cerebral ischaemia and PD, respectively. Author of over 50 papers published on international refereed journals. Marco Virgili is teacher of “General Physiology” at the School of Science of the University of Bologna.