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Marco Meschis

Research fellow

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"



9. 2021 - Mildon, Z.K., Roberts, G.P., Faure Walker, J. P., Beck, J., Papanikolaou, I., Michetti, A.M., Toda, S., Iezzi, F., Campbell, L., McCaffrey, K., Shanks, R., Sgambato, C., Robertson, J., Meschis, M., Vittori, E. - Earthquake clustering controlled by fault/shear-zone interactions

(Submitted to Nature Communications)

8. 2021 - De Santis, V., Scardino, G., Meschis, M., Ortiz, J.E., Sánchez-Palencia, Y., Caldara, M. - Refining the middle-late Pleistocene chronology of marine terraces and uplift history in a sector of the Apulian foreland (southern Italy) by applying a synchronous correlation technique and amino acid racemization to Patella spp. and Thetystrombus latus.

Italian Journal of Geoscience,

7. 2020 - Meschis, M., Scicchitano, G., Roberts, G.P., Robertson, J., Barreca, G., Monaco, C., Spampinato, C., Sahy, D., Antonioli, F., Mildon, Z.K., Scardino, G. - Regional deformation and offshore crustal local faulting as combined processes to explain uplift through time constrained by investigating differentially-uplifted Late Quaternary palaeoshorelines: the foreland Hyblean Plateau, SE Sicily.


6. 2020 - Robertson, J., Roberts, G.P., Iezzi, F., Meschis, M., Gheorghiu, D., Bristow, C., Sgambato, C. - Distributed normal faulting in the tip zone of the South Alkyonides Fault System, Gulf of Corinth, constrained using 36Cl exposure dating of Late-Quaternary wave-cut platforms.

Journal of Structural Geology, 36,

5. 2019 - Meschis, M., Roberts, G.P., Mildon, Z.K, Robertson, J., Michetti, A.M., Faure Walker, J. P. - Slip on a mapped normal fault for the 28th December 1908 Messina earthquake (Mw 7.1) in Italy.

Scientific Reports, 9 

Top 100 downloaded Earth science papers for Scientific Reports in 2019.


4. 2019 - Robertson, J., Meschis, M., Roberts, G.P., Ganas, A., Gheorghiu, D. - Temporally constant Quaternary uplift rates in south central Crete, Greece, and their relationship with active normal faults in the upper plate of the Hellenic subduction zone, constrained with in situ 36Cl cosmogenic exposure dating.

Tectonics, 38, 1189-1222.

3. 2018 - Meschis, M., Roberts, G.P., Robertson, J., Briant, R.M. - The relationships between regional Quaternary uplift, deformation across active normal faults and historical seismicity in the upper plate of subduction zones: The Capo D'Orlando Fault, NE Sicily.

Tectonics, 37, 1231-1255.

2. 2018 - Pedoja, K., Jara-Muñoz, J., De Gelder, G., Robertson, J., Meschis, M., Delcaillau, B., Dugué, O., Authemayou, C., Bessinx, P., Poprawski, Y., Benabdelouahed, M., Nexer, M., Pinel, B., Husson, L., Regard, V., Menier, D. - Neogene - Quaternary slow coastal uplift of Western Europe through the perspective of sequences of strandlines from the Cotentin Peninsula (Normandy, France).

Geomorphology, 78, 338-356. 

1. 2013 - Roberts, G.P., Meschis, M., Houghton, S., Underwood, C., Briant, R. M. - The implications of revised Quaternary palaeoshoreline chronologies for the rates of active extension and uplift in the upper plate of subduction zones.

Quaternary Science Reviews, 78, 169-187. 

In preparation

  • Meschis, M., Roberts, G.P., Robertson, J., Mildon, Z., Sahy, D., Goswami, R., Sgambato, C., Faure Walker, J., Michetti, A.M., Iezzi, F. - Out of phase uplift-rate changes during the Quaternary reveal normal fault interaction, implied by deformed marine palaeoshoreline. 

    Target journal: Geomorphology 

I have attended several national and international conferences and workshops since 2015 such as EGU and AGU meetings, Tectonic Studies Group meeting, FAULT2SHAworkshops. Furthermore, I have been invited for giving talks about my research by University College of London (2017), Caen University (France – 2019) and Mc Gill University (Canada via zoom because of Covid-19 pandemic – 2020).

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