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Marco Cirrincione

Teaching tutor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

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PhD student in the third year of the PhD course in Health, Safety and Green Systems (XXXV cycle). He carries out his activity in the Pharmaco-Toxicological Analysis Research Group (PTA Lab) at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBiT). His work is part of the forensic analysis of substances of abuse in matrices of different nature. The innovative bioanalytical methods that are designed, developed and validated make use of the most modern miniaturised and automated systems. In these methods, microsampling strategies, minimally invasive techniques are applied with numerous advantages in terms of sample storage and transport. The aim is to obtain new highly sensitive analytical strategies for the identification and quantification of narcotic compounds (used as drugs or illicit substances) that can be applied in the field of forensic and clinical analyses. Go to the Curriculum vitae


+39 051 20 9 9708

Dipartimento di Farmacia e Biotecnologie
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