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Please find below the results of the written exam. You can revise your attempt on EOL.

In case you want to retire from the exam and to try again and get a better result, write me an e-mail by tomorrow evening with the following text: "I'd like to retire from the exam" (anche in Italiano). Keep in mind, however, the final marks for the course will only be assigned after the oral exam, which is a chance to improve your final result of up to 5 points (eg if you have 24 in the written exam and you do a perfect oral exam you can get 29).

Please note that if you don't accept the result of the oral exam you have to try the written exam again. If you have passed, you can try the oral exam in any session, not just the next one. 

The day after tomorrow (02/03) I'll register the results on Almaesami and you'll be able to sign up for the oral exam.


Masotti Ilaria 27,00

Tosti Cristina 18,00

Tirendi Ilaria Pia 19,00

Lee Seonwoo 23,00

Akinan Ayse Derin 20,00

Piroddi Enrico 27,00

Bartolozzi Davide 28,00

Ropa Sara 22,00

Verdecchia Arianna 27,00

Cottini Cecilia 21,00

Gambacorta Maria Alessia 23,00

Bini Elisa 24,00

De Angelis Michela 26,00

Vita Margherita 29,00

Dal Prà Elisa 29,00

Nicolis Emma 27,00

Piazza Noemi 22,00

Vincitore Rosa 21,00

Santelia Maria Nazarena 26,00

Mongardi Elena 19,00

Frunza Alessia Valentina 27,00

Napolitano Yari 28,00

Pubblicato il: 31 marzo 2021