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Lorenzo Zirulia

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics


Office hours suspended during summer

Office hours are suspended until September. For urgency, please contact me via e-mail.

Published on: July 21 2019

Final dissertation: important information

Due to the high number of graduating students I am supervising at the moment, I cannot accept more students up to December 2019.  Lorenzo Zirulia

Published on: May 13 2019

Tourism Microeconomics: slides on line - update May 13

Slides up to tourism applications on policy are available online on Iol:

Published on: May 13 2019

Tourism Micro - Timetable for next class on May Tuesday 14

Next class will be on Tuesday 14. We will start at 930 and will end at 1200.

Published on: May 09 2019

New office hours since April 2019

With the start of the fourth cycle of lectures, office hours will be held on Thursday from 10 to 12 am.  Lorenzo Zirulia

Published on: April 01 2019

Economia delle reti: materiale didattico facoltativo

Su "Insegnamenti Online" sono disponibili gli articoli discussi durante il corso, che non costituiscono però lettura obbligatoria. Lorenzo Zirulia

Published on: March 13 2019

Economia delle reti - Materiale Didattico.

Le slides delle lezioni 8 e 9 sono disponibili su Insegnamenti Online. Lorenzo Zirulia

Published on: March 12 2019

Economia delle reti: esempi di domande online

Esempi di domande relative alla prima parte sono online. Lorenzo Zirulia

Published on: March 07 2019

Behavioural Economics - SEM: additional material and information

On the IOL page of the course, I added: 1. Extra slides for class 8. The reference for this part is the Kahneman et al. paper you can also find in IOL. 2. For each week, I add the reference to the relevant parts in the book.

Published on: October 09 2018

Behavioural Economics - SEM: class experiment

A class experiment will be held in class on October 18. Students participating to the experiment will get an extra-point in my part of the exam.

Published on: October 05 2018

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