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Lorenzo Paolini

Adjunct professor

Department of History and Cultures

Curriculum vitae

Full Professor of Medieval History in the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Bologna since 2004. Graduated in Medieval History (Faculty of Humanities; historical section) on 13 November 1971 under the direction of prof. Ovidio Capitani; C.N.R. fellowship from 1 April 1973 to 2 December1974;contract researcher in the group of disciplines related with the Institute of Medieval and Modern History and the Institute of Paleography and Diplomatics from 3 December 1974 to 31 October 1977; teaching fellow of History of Emilia-Romagna in the Middle Ages from 1 November 1977 to 11 September 1983; confirmed Associate Professor in Medieval History and History of the Medieval Church and Heretical Movementsfrom 12 September 1983 to 30 September 2001; winner of position of Full Professor in Medieval History in January 2001, and working in such a capacity since 1 October 2001;  then confirmed since 1 October 2004.

President of the degreeof History /medieval section from 1997 to 2001. He is also board member of the following centres and institutes: Centro Studi sul Basso Medioevo-Accademia Tudertina (since 2004); Deputazione di storia patria per le Province di Romagna; Istituto per la storia della Chiesa di Bologna; Istituto per la Storia dell'Università di Bologna; Museo della Civiltà contadina from 1989 to 1998.

He coordinated the following research projects: La terra e il sacro. Segni e tempi di religiosità nelle campagne bolognesi (1990-1994); Censimento dei santuari cristiani in Italia (coordinator for Emilia-Romagna, 1997-2000); La Chiesa del Comune, related to the project Ubi episcopus for the diocese of Reggio Emilia (2008). Currently, he is coordinating: Le pievi medievali bolognesi (since 2006); Le carte bolognesi del sec. XII (since 2006); Niccolò Albergati: riformatore, pastore, diplomatico del primo Quattrocento (since 2007).

He took part as a speaker in the following international conferences about Medieval History, among which, the main important are those of: Ecole Française di Roma (1977), Todi (1980, 1990, 2002, 2004), Oxford (1992), Pistoia (1997), Assisi (1998), Città del Vaticano (1998), Milano (2002), .

He belongs to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Bologna, where he is currently teaching: Medieval History (Degree: Humanities), History of the Medieval Church (Degree: History and Anthropology),  History of the Western Church  (Master degree in History).