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Lorenzo Badini

PhD Student

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/10 Architectural Engineering


Keywords: Structural and Energetic Retrofitting in Seismic Zone

  • The main research interests are aimed at the development of new integrated technologies of seismic and energy improvement on existing buildings. Provisional thesis title: On the use of the exoskeleton for seismic improvement and integrated efficient technologies in existing buildings. Within the frame of Pro-GET-onE, the PhD thesis is essentially focused on the design, verification and assessment of the external exoskeleton for the seismic improvement of these buildings. However, this focus does not exclude the necessary integration with the connections and the assembly of the other parts of the envelope and enclosures to ensure the energy retrofit and the environmental comfort of the existing building’s spaces and the new extensions.
  • Double degree doctorate program with the Technical University of Munich. The potential of wood and timber structures will be investigated to verify the possibility of providing a contribution in existing constructions within and outside seismic zones. The effect of timber framed exoskeletons or cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels can further be evaluated to assess the potential improvements set by the integrated project in terms of sustainability and seismic/structural performance.
  • Vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings and related strengthening strategies.
  • Dynamic characterization of reinforced concrete structures through the use of Tromino®. Instrument that monitors modal frequencies, shape and damping of structures and soils.
  • Fast overall assessment of seismic vulnerability of existing RC buildings through generation and training of neural networks.

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