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Lorenzo Badini

PhD Student

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/10 Architectural Engineering

Curriculum vitae

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Recent graduate in Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna. The training plan includes different subjects like technological architecture, structures, restoration, architectural composition, construction site etc. It has been specified with the choice of optional subjects of Reconstruction and Conservation of Buildings and Seismic Project on the issues of energy and structural retrofitting of the existing buildings in seismic zone.

He did his curriculum internship at the Staccioli Civil Engineering Technical Studio, with a longstanding experience in architectural design, located in Florence, via Baccio da Montelupo 90 °. During this experience he has carried out architectural projects and structural consolidation interventions.

He did the final exam with a thesis and related discussion with the following title:
Pro-GET-onE – Analisi sismica computazionale volta a massimizzare i benefici su tipologie strutturali esistenti in cemento armato con sviluppo longitudinale e applicazione ad un caso esistente
Supervisor: Mochi Giovanni
Subject: Reconstruction and Conservation of Buildings

He subsequently continued his collaboration with the Department of Architecture on the theme of the European project Pro-GET-onE (Proactive synergy of inteGrated Efficient Technologies on buildings' Envelopes), conducting an investigation of seismic retrofitting systems on different types of buildings in literature and based on realized projects. He produced an English report containing cases of Italian and European buildings (The Netherlands, Romania and Greece).

He currently holds the PhD in Architettura e Culture del Progetto (XXXIII cycle) on "Proactive synergy of integrated efficient technologies on buildings' envelopes".

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