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Laura Federzoni


Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-GGR/01 Geography

Curriculum vitae

Laura Federzoni is Professor of Human Geography  at the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Italy.

The scientific activity of Laura Federzoni is concerned especially with Historical Geography, Landscape Geography  and History of Cartography. She studied some aspects of territorial organization in the past centuries, particularly in the Po Valley, such as:

·        roman land surveying, or limitatio, urbanisation and construction of streets in Emilia Romagna plain in ancient times, in order to give the reason for the preservation of cardines and decumani in present topography of the plain, along via Aemilia ;

·        agrarian "Partecipanze" in Emilia-Romagna, common organisation of agriculture and land possession, whose origin dates back to the middle age, preserved till now and considered as cultural inheritance;    

·        land reclamation in the Po Delta in the modern age, with a comparison with similar situations in the Netherlands, in particular  about the Ijsselmeer polders.  

She studied moreover the cartographic production in the State of House of Este from the XVI to the XIX century, and particularly some important map-makers:

·        Marco Antonio Pasi, who worked in Ferrara in XVI century, as an architect and geographer for Alfonso II duke of Ferrara : he was the author of two wide and important handwritten maps of the Este State . One of them has recently been restored with digital techniques.

·        Giacomo Cantelli, who worked  as geographer and librarian of  the dukes of Modena in XVII century and produced many printed maps of  European States and an atlas too, the Mercurio Geografico, working with Michel-Antoine Baudrand and with Nicolas and Guillaume Sanson.

·        Domenico Vandelli, geographer and engineer for the dukes of Modena in XVIII century, produced many hydrographical maps and a wide printed map of Este State . He went on a three years tour all over Europe and described it in a handwritten journal and in a collection of  letters addressed to Lodovico Antonio Muratori, the famous historian.

          She has devoted a considerable research to flemish cartography in the XVI century and to contacts between flemish and italian map-makers.

          She has also carefully analyzed the digitization and digital restoration of ancient maps and their potential use.