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Kristina Strpić

Research fellow

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/30 Hydrocarbons and Underground Fluids


  •  Development of Tight Oil Resources in the USA: Exploitation Costs and Effect of Macroeconomic Indicators in Volatile Oil price Environment
    - Authors: Tomislav Kurevija, Kristina Strpić, Monika Miličević
    - The Mining-Geology-Petroleum Engineering Bulletin, July 2017, 32(3): 23-33
  •  Hydraulic and thermogeological design differences between two-loop vertical and inclined coaxial           borehole heat exchangers
     - Authors: Tomislav Kurevija, Kristina Strpić
     - Renewable Energy, March 2018, 117(117)
  •  Steady-state heat rejection rates for a coaxial borehole heat exchanger during passive and active          cooling determined with the novel step thermal response test method (published)
    - Authors: Tomislav Kurevija, Marija Macenić, Kristina Strpić
    - The Mining-Geology-Petroleum Engineering Bulletin, April 2018, 33(2): 1-17

  •  Applying petroleum pressure buildup well test procedure on Thermal Response Test - A novel                 method to improve the accuracy of thermal conductivity determination
    - Authors: Tomislav Kurevija, Kristina Strpić, Sonja Koščak-Kolin
    - Energies, February 2018, 11(33), 1-22
  •  Source Systematic review of research and utilization of shallow geothermal energy in Croatia
    - Authors: Tomislav Kurevija, Marija Macenić, Kristina Strpić
    - The Mining-Geology-Petroleum Engineering Bulletin, December 2018

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