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Kot David Adhal Nguar

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Kot David Adhal Nguar is a Research Fellow at the University of Bologna where he focus on labour markets and human capital development specifically higher education graduates’ employability. He is an author and a peer-reviewer for three top-tier Journals. His research interest includes; development economics, political economy of education, public management reforms and innovation management focusing on developing countries. He is a PhD Candidate in Public Management and Governance at the University of Rome – Tor Vergata. He is also a graduate of a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Rome – Tor Vergata and a Master of Science in Economics and Policy Evaluation from the University of Rome – La Sapienza. A Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Uganda Christian University. He is also a Research Associate at the University of Sussex (Centre for International Education). He has worked extensively with the international organisations and research institutes.



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