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Jay Daniel Mininger

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences


Selected Publications of Prof. Dr. J.D. Mininger:


German Aesthetics: Fundamental Concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno, co-edited with Jason Michael Peck, London/New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2016. Editor and Contributor.

Politics Otherwise: Shakespeare as Social and Political Critique, co-edited with Leonidas Donskis. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2012. Editor and Contributor.


Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Donskis, Leonidas (1962-2016),” in La vie de l’esprit en Europe central et orientale depuis 1945eds. Chantal Delsol and Joanna Nowicki, Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, 2021. 599-600.

“Peter Fenves,’Chatter’: Language and History in Kierkegaard,” in Kierkegaard Secondary Literature, Tome II: English, A-K, ed. Jon Stewart, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2016. 191-196.

“Allegory,” in German Aesthetics: Fundamental Concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno, Eds. J.D. Mininger and Jason Michael Peck, London/New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016.

“Literary Criticism and Theory,” in The Blackwell Companion to Kierkegaard, ed. Jon Stewart, Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015.

“The Human Network Revisited: Responses to Brynnar Swenson’s ‘The Human Network: Social Media and the Limit of Politics’,” co-authored with Ignas Kalpokas and Viktorija Rusinaitė, Baltic Journal of Law & Politics 6:2 (2013): 124-148.

“Allegory,” in Kierkegaard's Concepts, Tome I: Absolute to Church, eds. Steven Emmanuel, William McDonald, and Jon Stewart, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2013. 31-36.

“Notes on the Figure of the Refugee; or, Towards a Political Philosophy of Extimacy,” Darbai ir Dienos(2012) no. 57, 219-231.

“Kundera, Nádas, and the Fiction of Central Europe,” in Yet Another Europe after 1984: Rethinking Milan Kundera and the Idea of Central Europe, ed. Leonidas Donskis, Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2012. 151-170.

“Currencies of Love: Political and Ethical Economies of Language in Shakespeare,” co-authored with Jason Michael Peck, in Politics Otherwise: Shakespeare as Social and Political Critique, Eds. Leonidas Donskis and J.D. Mininger, Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2012. 95-109.

“Jacques Lacan: Kierkegaard as a Freudian Questioner of the Soul avant la lettre,” in Kierkegaard’s Influence on the Social Sciences, Ed. Jon Stewart, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2011. 195-216.

“The Hermaphrodite Sovereign: Walter Benjamin, Carl Schmitt, and the Permanent State of Exception,”Baltic Journal of Law & Politics 3:2 (2010): 144-164.

“Lateness Timely and Untimely: Towards a Taxonomy of Late Style,” Darbai ir Dienos (2009) no. 50: 45-57.

“Culture Against Itself; or, Culture as a System of Non-Culture,” in LCC Liberal Arts Studies, Volume 1: Culture and Dialogue, Klaipeda: LCC International University, 2008. 169-174.

“Barbaric Balladry: Adorno, Poetry, and Cultural Critique,” in “Barbaras literaturoje ir mene,” (The Barbarian in Literature and Art), Acta litteraria comparativa 3, 4, Vilnius: Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla, 2008.

Nachschrift eines Freundes: Kant, Lithuania, and the Praxis of Enlightenment.” Studies in East European Thought. (2005) 57: 1-32.

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