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Irma Taddia

Full Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: SPS/13 African History and Institutions

Curriculum vitae


C.V. Prof.  Irma Taddia                                                                                                       

University of Bologna, Department: Storia Culture Civiltà

Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2

40124 Bologna-Italia  tel. 051/209 76 74    

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Present position

Full Professor:  Modern African History,  University of Bologna 


University of Bologna:  Degree in Political Science, 1974


1991-2000 Associate Professor University of Bologna, 20th Century African History

1989-1991 Professor at the University of Bologna, Africa and Asia History

1987-1991 Professor of Sub-Saharan Africa History at the University of Cagliari,Italy

1982-1986 Senior Fellow at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna

1976-1981 Fellow at the University of Bologna

1975-1976 Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna.

International Activities

Coordinator of the  international agreement DIRI  between the University of Bologna and Khartoum State University, Sudan; Mekelle University, Ethiopia; Nekemte University, Ethiopia

Prof., International Master Program on African Studies, Bologna University, Falun, Dalarna University, Sweden, Oulu University, Finland, Pilsen Check Republic (EU program, double degree),

Prof., and coordinator of African module, International Master Program, MISP, Bologna University-Indiana University(double degree), 2003-2010

Member of the scientific board of the  Interdepart. Islamic Center (CISDI), Bologna University

Advisor, Ph. D program University of Cagliari, Italy

Prof. of African Studies, Yerevan State University, Armenia (agreement between Bologna  univ. - Erevan State University), 2002 ; 2005

Prof. Invité, Paris VII, 1994; 2013

Erasmus responsible for Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden; Humboltd Universität, Berlin, West Bohemia University, Pilsen


African Studies Association, USA

Société Française pour les Etudes Ethiopiennes, Paris

Society of Friends of The Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa

International Boarding Member “Pount, Les Cahiers d'études Corne de l'Afrique-Arabie du sud”, Paris,  CNRS

Associate Editor “Northeast African Studies”, Michigan State University, East Lansing

 Languages :

English, French

Arabic-Amharic (working knowledge)

Teaching Experience

2011-2014, Teaching at Paris VII (November-December 2013) Falun, Dalarna University Master African Studies (March-December 2013), Lectures in Inalco Paris, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), Khartoum State University (Sudan)

2009-10, September, March, Erasmus Dalarna University, Falun, Lezioni e seminars  Master in African studies. Lectures Universities of  Addis Ababa, Nekemte (agreement with Bologna). Lecture Humboldt Universitat, Berlin

2008-2009 , September, March, Erasmus Dalarna University, Falun, Lectures and  seminars  Master in African studies. Lectures University of Addis Ababa, Nekemte (agreement with Bologna).

Lectures at the  International Master   MISP, Bologna

2007-2008, September, Erasmus Dalarna University, Falun, Lectures and  seminars  Master in African studies

2006-2007, October  Erasmus Dalarna University, Understanding African society and religions in  20th cent.;  Islam and Christianity in  XX and XXI cent. Africa

2005-2006  African studies: lessons and seminars : Master in African Studies at the University of Falun, Sweden (September/October)

Lesson at international master MISP on Modern  African Education

2004-2005  The Horn of Africa in XIX and XX Century :  Lesson and Seminars on Modern Africa History at Yerevan State University, Armenia, September 2005

Lessons and seminars (Erasmus-Socrates) at the University of Falun, Sweden (September/October)

Lectures at the University of Khartoum(January 2005)

2003-2004   Colonialism and African history between the Written and the Oral

Lessons and seminars (Erasmus-Socrates) at the University of Falun,Sweden (August)

2002-2003  Modern African State: the Present Debate , Lessons and seminars (Erasmus-Socrates) at the University of Falun, Sweden (August)

 2001-2002 Towards a “Renaissance”of African State?

Lessons and seminars at the Universities of Moscow (Lomonosov), St. Petersburg, Warsaw,Poznan (September/December)  on themes  related to  Modern Ethiopia and Colonial Eritrea

2000-2001   Christianity and Colonialism in sub-Saharan  Africa

1999-2000   BO UNIV. Islam and colonialism  in sub-Saharan Africa

1998-1999   BO UNIV: Islam in Modern African History

1997-1998   BO UNIV. Environment and development in sub-Saharan Africa

1996-1997; 1995-1996:    The contribution of Research in Africa to the Social Sciences and Humanities

1995-1996   Six Months Leave of Absence: Affiliation with the University of Asmara, Eritrea

1994-1995  November / December,  Professeur Invité,  Université  Paris  VII-Diderot: Lesson on The African land tenure system  in a historical perspective and The beginning of  Intellectual Emerging Milieu in XX  Century Ethiopia

Seminar and lesson in Paris I, Monastic  Documents in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Missione Italiana in Eritrea, CNR) and  Inalco , Reflexions on State Formation in Eritrea

1994-1995    Ethiopia and Eritrea between state and  colony - 19th and 20th Century

1993-1994    Somalia: a “nation” in search of a state

1992-1993    The ecology of survival in northeast Africa

1991-1992    The construction of ethnicity in Sub-Saharan Africa

1990-1991    Rethinking Colonialism: New Perspectives in African Historiographies

1989-1990    The  Contemporary  Historiography  on  African  Underdevelopment.  A Comparative  Analysis

1988-1989     State and Society in Ethiopian History: the Present Debate

1987-1988     Problems Of South African History: at the Origin of Apartheid

1986-1987  The French Colonies in West Africa , Islam and the Economic Development

1985-1986     Famine, Drought  and Peasant Reaction in Contemporary Africa

1984-1985     Reconstructing the African Precolonial Past

1983-1984     Graduate seminar on contemporary European History

1982-1983     Graduate seminar on modern European  History

Grants and Field Research

2011-2014 grant and field research funded by RFO, University of Bologna, MIUR, Italy, field work in Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Sweden,  London

Master Course in Sweden, Falun University- Bruxelles Erasmus Socrates programs

Professeur invité, Université Paris VII-Diderot, November-December 2013

2006-10, Grant and field research in a number of African Universities: Boroma, Hargheisa (Somaliland), Khartoum (Sudan), Asmara(Eritrea), Addis Ababa, Nekemte, Mekelle, Bahir Dar (Ethiopia) in the following projects: PRIN, RFO, Agreements with Bologna University, Cooperation activities. Archival researches and field works in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Sudan

2005-2006, Research at the University of Bergen, Tel Aviv, London on postcolonial history and African nationalism.

Master Course in Sweden, Falun University- Bruxelles Erasmus Socrates programs, Oulu University, Finland

2004-2005 Research in Khartoum, Sudan on Nationalism and Sudanese Society in early XX Century and in Asmara, Eritrea, National  and University Archives on Late Italian Colonial Period

Research in Uppsala University , September, NAI

2003-2004, Research in Somaliland (October), in Mozambico, Maputo-Mondlane University (March) and in Asmara, Eritrea (April), Research and Documentation Center / Missionary Archives                                   

2002-2003  Organisation of the international Conference “The Horn of Africa between History, Law and Politics” Roma 13-14 December

Archival research in  SOAS, London (October-November) and at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2001-2002  Research at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, University of Addis Ababa May 2002

2000-2001 Research at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, University of Addis Ababa (November 2000) and University of Asmara (November 2000-July 2001)

1999-2000, research at School of Oriental and African Studies, London and Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala (February/March) on colonial towns in East Africa, 19th-20th Century

2000-2001,  Research  at Addis Ababa University, Institute of Ethiopian Studies; Asmara University funded by Italian Ministry of  Education

1999-2000 Reseach  at SOAS, London and Nordiska African Institute,  Uppsala

1998-1999  EU, International conference on Cooperation between European and African Universities, Cotonou  Benin (April 1999)

University of Oslo, Institute of Human Rights (June /July 1999)

International workshop  "Rim land in historical Ethiopia" l'University of Bologna (January 15-16, 1999) funded by the University of Bologna and Dr. Ellero

1997-1998  International Congress "African Constitutions" University of Bologna (November 26-27 1998) funded by CNR and University of Bologna

Copenhagen, Roskilde University, Consultant to  UE  project Asia Urbs (June 1998)

University of Uppsala, Sweden, (June/July 1998)

Northwestern University, Evanston  (October 1998)

1991-1997 Field research in Eritrea funded by Italian CNR and Ministry of  research “Materiali rilevanti sull'Etiopia/Eritrea dell'800”. Field work in Eritrea with Dr.Bausi, Lusini and Chelati in June 1992, October 1992, June 1993, June 1994, December 1995-June 1996 (leave of absence)

1997 Field work in Tanzania,  project on Islamic city and colonialism

 Field work in Ethiopia, January and August/September. Grant from Italian CNR

1995-1996  Leave of absence, Field work in Ethiopia/Eritrea ; December 1995/June 1996

1994   Professeur invité, Université Paris VII-Diderot, November-December

1994  Grant from the Italian CNR: “Land tenure and monastical institution in Eritrea” Field work in June  in Eritrea.

1993  Grant from the Italian CNR “Land tenure and monastical institution in Eritrea” Field work in June in Eritrea.

1992  Grant from the Italian CNR: “Land tenure and monastical institutions in Eritrea”. Field work in June and October in Eritrea.

1991  Grant from the Italian CNR: Project on ecology and society in Notheastern Africa. Field work in Ethiopia and Eritrea (April -September-October).

1990  Grant from the Italian CNR: Project on ecology and society in Northeastern Africa. Field work in Ethiopia and Kenya in August and September. Bibliographical research at the Northwestern University (Illinois), the Urbana-Champaign University,(Illinois) and the Library of Congress (Washington) in October and November.

1988-1989  Grant from the Italian CNR. Project on the “Ethiopian intellectual life in the 19th Century”. Field work in Addis Ababa, September 1989 and July 1988. Bibliographical research at the Boston University (Massachusetts),University of East Lansing, Michigan State and  Northwestern University,  in October and November 1989.

1987  Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education. Project of cataloguing the missionary sources for Northeastern African history in Italian Archives(second year).Field research in Ethiopia during the months of September and October and bibliographical research at  Boston University and the University of Illinois during the months of May and June.

1986  Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education. Project of cataloguing the missionary sources for Northeastern African history in Italian Archives (first year).

1984-1985 International Labour Office, Geneva, Consultant to the project: “Agriculture and Food Security in Africa: Zimbabwe and Mali”.

1985 Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education for research on  Italian colonialism in Eritrea( third year). Grant by the Region of Emilia- Romagna and the Institute for Peasant Studies for collecting oral sources on Italian workers in colonial Africa.

1984  Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education for research on Italian colonialism in Eritrea (second year). Field work in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa and Asmara) during the months of November and December.

Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education for a field work in Somalia for collecting oral sources on Italian colonialism (August-September).

1982 Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education for research on Italian colonialism in Eritrea. Field work in Sudan and Ethiopia.

1980  Grant from the Italian Ministry of Education for studying Eritrea during the British colonial period. Bibliographical research in London (British Library, Public Record Office and SOAS).

1979  Field work in the Western lowlands of Eritrea for collecting oral interviews on Italian colonialism.

1977 Grant from the Istituto Italo Africano, Rome for the study of French colonialism in Africa. Field research in Senegal.

1976 Field research in Senegal and bibliographical research in Paris for the study of the islamic brotherhood in Senegal. Grant from the Istituto Italo-Africano, Rome.


2014, Falun, Dalarna University, October 21-22, Africa Days, paper on “A Difficult Decolonisation: Italy and the Horn of Africa”


September 17-20 , ASAI Macerata,  Discussant to the panel  “African Agency and Colonial Education. Education as a Driver for Social and Territorial Mobility”

February 28-March 1, Addis Ababa, International Conference on “The History and Historiography of Radicalism in Ethiopia”, Chair and discussant in the panel “Issues of Identity”

2013  Paris, Inalco-Paris VII December, International Workshop on Ethiopia in 20th Century: paper on Contemporary States and Historical Research in Africa: the failure of National Historiography

December 12-13, Falun, Dalarna University, Horn of Africa Workshop, paper on Discussing the Horn of Africa in the Context of the Emergence of New States


Bonn, July 23-25 ,  9th International Conference South Sudan and Sudan Studies, Chair panel  IV “New Indentities”, panel V “Old Identities and Histories”


Pavia, September 18-20 , International Conference ASAI, paper on “Eritrea and New States in the Horn of Africa between  Memories and  Identities”


Lillehammer, October 11-13, 11th Somali Studies International Association Congress, discussant to the panel New Efforts to Solve Crisis

October 18-19, Falun, International workshop Africa days, Closing remarks

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia October 29-November 2, XVII International Congress of Ethiopian Studies, presentation with Tekeste Negash, "Reluctant decolonizers and Italian secret activities in the Horn of Africa 1947-1953"  

2011, AEGIS June, Uppsala, Discussant  and Chair, "Religion and Capitalism in Africa"

6-7 July, Khartoum State University, International Workshop, presentation "African States and the Horn of Africa: Reflections on Modern States and Historiography"

October 7-9, Falun, Dalarna University, International Workshop Africa Day, Closing Remarks, The future of African Studies Today

29-30 November Doha, Qatar, International workshop Arab and the Horn of Africa, presentation " A Reflection on Eritrea and the Emergence of New States in the Horn of Africa"



23-25 September, International Workshop Africa Days, Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden, The Land Tenure System in Ethiopia and Eritrea between State and Community (19th-20th century)


14-15 October,  International Conference:  Amministrazione coloniale, borderlands e mobilità degli individui nell'Africa coloniale italiana, Università di Macerata, discussant paper Prof. C. Coquery Vidrovitch, Paris 7, Colonisation française et mobilité africaine. Strategiés et contraintes en Afrique Subsaharienne


12 November,  International workshop, "Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia. Strategies and Policies", Dipartimento di Politica, Istituzioni e Storia/Dipartimento di Filosofia,  Università di Bologna, Chair/Discussant, Morning Session


13 January, Afrikakolloquiums, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften, The Horn of Africa as a Historical Construction: Reflections on the Field

 7-8 January, International conference, Etudes éthiopiennes: l'enseignement de l'hamarique en Europe, INALCO, Paris, Language and History of Ethiopia: an Historiographical Approach

 2009, November 2-6, Addis Ababa, XVII International Congress of Ethiopian Studies, chair e and discussant,  History, panel c

September 10-11, Chair e discussant Falun, Dalarna University, African Days Workshop

June  4-6, Leipzig, AEGIS European Conference, Chair and discussant  panel “Africa in the Emerging Space of Globalism: Rethinking the Philosophy of Globalization” 

2008, September 24-25, Africa Days at Dalarna University, Falun, “Africa studies and research perspectives”

April 25-26, Pilsen, 3rd International Conference on African Studies, presentation: “Reconsidering Horn of Africa Studies Today”

2007, 13-15 December, Gibuti 10th International Congress of Somali Studies, partecipation to the final session “Beyond the 30th Anniversary: Making Somali Studies Relevant in the 21st Century”

Udine, 12 October, partecipation to the workshop  “Le carte di Giovanni Ellero”

Addis Ababa , 4-6  October , French Center, Workshop on Land in Europe and Ethiopia, paper presented: “Working on the field: land, state and community in the "Northern border"

July 11-14, Leiden, AEGIS European Conference, Chair and discussant  panel 9, “Setting a new agenda for African studies”

July 2-6, Trondheim, XVI International Congress of Ethiopian Studies, chair and discussant History Panel  July 5, Panel A, History and Archeology

May 22-25, Addis Ababa, Fourth Congress of the Association of African Historians, chair e discussant panels: “Conceptions of the nation-state and identity” May 22 e “Federalism and devolution” May 23

May 10-11, Bergen University, International Workshop  “Sudan: the colonial experience” presentation “The Horn of Africa as a Historical Construction”

2006, November 16-19, ASA, San Francisco, Roundtable Proposal “Reconstructing Political Ideology and Ritual: In Honor of Prof. Donald Crummey”

Cagliari, November 29-December 1, paper at the international conference on the Horn of Africa  ” Africa e Africa Orientale Italiana”

June 10-11, Amsterdam, “Ethiopian and Eritrea: the past and the future”, DIR  Foundation,  International Conference on   the Horn

May 29-31,   Tel  Aviv  University, The  Nile  Conference,  Discussant

April 6-8,  Bergen University,  International Conference  on  Sudan, discussant

2005, November,  Cagliari, Workshop  Le giornate dell'Africa, “Africa, realtà e contraddizioni del 2005”

Bologna June 11, discussant, Workshop “Crisi delle categorie politiche della modernità occidentale” Faculty of Political Science

June 27-July 3, Discussant at AEGIS Conference , London

June 6-7, University of Gorizia (Italy) International Workshop, Presentation on “Reflexions on Modern Islam in the Horn of Africa”

2004  17-18 March Maputo, Mondlane University, Chair e discussant al international Congress Unesco “Slavery in Africa and  Oral Sources”

Cagliari, May 27-28, Cagliari, Le giornate dell'Africa, “L'Africa alla ricerca dell'africanità”

September 3-8 Aalbork University (Danmark), Discussant at the 9th International Conference on Somali Sudies

2003, 20-26 July, Hamburg, XV International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, paper delivered  “Ethiopian Studies Today”

17-18 July, London International workshop  Orality and literacy in the Horn of Africa, paper  “Words and voices in colonial Eritrea”

15-16 May, Bologna university, workshop “Globalizzazione senza governo”, paper “L'Africa oggi”

2002, 13-14 December, Roma, International Conference “The Horn of Africa between History, Law  and Politics” , Introductory remarks

19-21 September, Milano Conference SISSCO “Il Mondo visto dall'Italia”:  “Il Corno d'Africa fra colonialismo, problemi dello Stato e conflitti”

2001, 13-15 September, Moscow, International Conference “African Studies in the 20th Century: Time, Personalities, Interpretations”: “Maria Right unpublished manuscript: My 50 years with Ethiopia”

21-26 July,  International Conference on Eritrean Studies, Asmara, “Modern Ethiopia/Colonial Eritrea”

2000 Addis Ababa November 6-11,  XIV International Conference on Ethiopian Studies, “Notes on Recent Italian Studies”

Praia, Capo Verde, January 6-8, International Conference on “Umanesimo latino/umanesimo africano”: “L'Italia, le colonie, l'eredità culturale: un colonialismo “diverso”?”

1999,Bologna 15-16 January, International workshop "Rim land in historical Ethiopia"

1998, Bologna, 26-27 November, International Conference on “African Constitutions”

 Chicago, October 29-November 1, 41 Meeting of African Studies Association,  “Land  and  Society   in   Ethiopia:   Notes    on   Wälqayt    Project”

 19-21  October, Milano, International Congress SOSTEJE, “Notes on  Falashas in Wälqayt according to  Ellero's Manuscripts”

1997, 12-17 December, Kyoto, XIII International Conference of Ethiopian Studies,  “Colonial documents on Wälqayt (Ethiopia)”

 October 1-3 ,  “Ethnicity, State and Nationalism in Northeast Africa” paper delivered in Moscow, The Seventh All-Russia Conference of Africanists

1996,  February 27/March 2,  “Adwa: a challenge to history?”, paper delivered at Addis Ababa University, International Conference on Adwa

April 10/12, Piacenza, “Essere eritrei nell'Africa Italiana”, paper delivered at the International Conference on Adwa.

1995,   July 6/7 ,   “Eritrean/Ethiopian Intellectual Life and Colonialism”,  paper delivered at Oxford University , Workshop   on “Biography in Eastern African Historical Writing”

1994,  November 3/6, “New Research on Eritrean History 19/20th Century” paper delivered in “African Studies Association”, Toronto, 37 Annual Meeting.

4/10 September, “Documents from Sära'e (Eritrea)”, paper delivered at Michigan State University, East Lansing, “XII International Conference on Ethiopian Studies”.

May 6/7, Discussant to the Seminar on “Stato, Etnicità e Nazionalismo” University of Urbino.

1993, April 23/24, “The Politics of the Northern Borders: State Control and the Land Tenure System in 19th Century Ethiopia” , paper delivered at University at Illinois at Urbana Champaign, XX Seminar on “State, Land and Society in the History of Sudanic Africa”

March 27, “Interrogativi sulla storiografia post-coloniale”, presentation at the University of Teramo, workshop on “La storiografia africanistica dell'età della decolonizzazione”

1992,  November 20/23 “Historical Perspectives on State Formation in Eritrea” paper delivered in  African Studies Association, 35 Annual Meeting, Seattle

 April 23/25, “Eritrea: Some Further Comments on an African Colonial State”, paper delivered at Michigan State University, Sixth  Conference on “Peace and Stability in Northeast Africa”

1991  Apri 1/6, “In Search of an Identity: Amhara/Tegrean Relations in the Late 19th Century”, paper delivered at Addis Ababa University,  XI International Congress of Ethiopian Studies

1989, December  15/16 “Blatta Gäbrä Egzia'beher's Letter to Menilek in the Italian   Colonial Context”, paper delivered at Boston University,  workshop  on   “Translation of Words and Images”

 “The State/Nation in Contemporary Africa: the Present Debate on the Horn”, paper delivered at Budapest University, 3rd International Conference on Tradition and Modernisation in Africa.

 “At the Origin of State Nation Dilemma: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ogaden in 1941” Michigan State University, East Lansing Fifth Conference: Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa.

 “Memoria storica e testimonianza orale: colonialismo e  ricostruzione del passato nell'Africa italiana” , paper delivered in International Conference “Fonti e Problemi della Politica Coloniale Italiana”, University of Messina, Italy

1986  “Colonialism as Political Control: Some Colonial Documents on “Indigenous” Power Structure (XIX century Ethiopia), paper delivered in IX International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, Moscow University.

1985  “I coloni'Eritrea e l'Impero: contrasti e autonomie in Africa Orientale”, paper delivered in the National Conference “Le guerre coloniali del fascismo”, Ferrara, Italy.

1984  “The Land Tenure System in the Eritrean Highlands According to European Colonial Sources”, paper delivered at Addis Ababa University, VIII International Congress of Ethiopian Studies.

l980: Milano, 20 Maggio, Tribunale Internazionale dei Popoli: Sessione sull'Eritrea. Comunicazione presentata: “La politica agraria in Eritrea e l'eredità del colonialismo”


Publications (forthcoming)

-   Eritrean studies in Italy, (pub. on line)

-   Italian colonialism reviewed, EU project,  DGVII


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