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Guy Robert Lydster

Fixed-term foreign language instructor: English

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures



Si comunica che il 20 settembre 2021, dalle ore 10, sarà possibile visionare on line i compiti relativi all'esame del 6 settembre 2021, insieme ai docenti del terzo anno.  

Published on: September 19 2021


essay question: A famous artist once said"If I found myself inside a burning building and i had to choose between saving a masterpiece by Leonardo and a cat, I would save the cat. " Would you agree with his position? Write a formal essay which justifies or contests the reasoning behind it. (300 words)   ...

Published on: February 28 2021

SOSPENSIONE LEZIONE GRUPPI C e D giovedì 18 febbraio 2021

Si comunica che il giorno 18 febbraio 2021 non si effettueranno le due lezioni previste dalle 8.30 alle 10 e dalle 10.15 alle 11.45. GRUPPI C e D. Le lezioni saranno recuperate durante l'attuale calendario accademico previa apposita comunicazione. Le lezioni riprenderanno regolarmente martedì 23 febbraio ...

Published on: February 15 2021

Language classes/'esercitazioni' 2021

LINGUA E LINGUISTICA INGLESE 3 (Laurea triennale): Language classes/'esercitazioni' with Dott.ssa Bartolini, Dott. Lydster, and Dott.ssa Pearce will start on February 8th, according to groups (see timetable). Group divisions will remain the same. For more information, see this notice: [] There ...

Published on: February 07 2021

writing task nov 30 2020

It might said that a person can change his life, but not his character. Do you agree? To what extent is a person free to transform  him or herself in response to life's changing circumstances? Write a short analytical text that outilines our liberty to change ourselves as everything else changes around ...

Published on: November 30 2020

writing task nov 23 2020

Write a short text that narrates a moment of transition which you consider to be of  fundamental importance to your personal developent or history. The event(s) described can be from the recent or distant past. As announced during the on line lesson, the sending of your text to my unibo e-mail address ...

Published on: November 22 2020

WORKBOOK lettorato terzo anno 2020-2021

Il workbook cartaceo  è disponibile presso la tipografia ECRIRE in via Cartolerie di fronte al Dipartimento.  Copia in formato PDF scaricabile dal Virtuale nelle sezioni Prof. Luporini e Manfredi.        

Published on: September 30 2020

orari lezioni Esercitazioni Lettorato terzo anno aa 2020-2021

GRUPPO C: 8.30-10 MARTEDI e GIOVEDI GRUPPO D: 10.15-11.45 MARTEDI e GIOVEDI Da lunedì 5 ottobre fino al 5 novembre lezioni on line Da martedì 10 novembre in AULA B in via Filippo Re

Published on: September 30 2020


for exam practice do summaries in the workbook on pages 219 and 226

Published on: April 05 2020


In life most people would naturally prefer to avoid error. From another viewpoint might it not be possible to see error as a source of something beneficial ? How then should we see error, as a record of irreversible failure, or a sign of possible regeneration ? Write a formal essay on the degree to ...

Published on: March 26 2020

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