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Gustavo Gozzi

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Cultural Heritage


Keywords: History of International Law Multiculturalism Human Rights Colonialism Colonial Legacy Europe Euro-Mediterranean Relations Islam and Human Rights Humanitarian Intervention

Three are the main topics of research: 1. the analysis of the history and philosophy of human rights, considered as the research about different interpretations of human rights in the development of the western constitutional history from XVI  to XX century. In particular in this perspective very important is the question of the foundation of human rights through the analysis and historical reconstruction of the concept of human dignity. 2. The second topic regards the question of multiculturalism, that can be considered as a doctrine of tolerance among different cultures coexisting in the same territory (J. Raz), or as the situation of separated cultures regulated by different legal regimes. 3. The third perspective of research – which is at present the most important one – analyses the history of international law from the XVI and XVII centuries (F. de Vitoria and U. Grozio) until the current time, in order to find in these doctrines the origins of the clash of civilizations. At the ground of this perspective there is the conception of the international law as the ideology of colonialism and neo-colonialism.

A significant result of this research is the book Diritti e civiltà. Storia e filosofia del diritto internazionale, il Mulino, Bologna 2010.

The question of multiculturalism too in contemporary societies is an important topic of analysis.

Afterwards the research has analyzed the history of "humanitarian intervention" since the XIX century until the current doctrine of the "Responsibility to protect".

In this perspective the analysis has considered the relationships among humanitarian intervention, colonialism and neo-colonialism. The results of this research are expressed in the book Umano, non Umano. Intervento umanitario, colonialismo, «primavere arabe», Il Mulino, Bologna 2015.

Currently the topics of research regard the relations between colonialism, the colonial legacy and the process of Europe's building.