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Guido Lenzi

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • International Environmental Diplomacy The growing relevance of the multilateral approach
  • Multilateral diplomacy in a post-modern world: the cases of COP 21, JCPOA, TTIP and TTP.
  • New Diplomacy: The Power Relationship in a Post-Modern World
  • Smart Power as an Organising Principle in Foreign Policy - American and European Perspectives
  • The EU in the Balkans, the Balkans in the EU: Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, future integration perspectives.
  • The Implications of the Chinese “the Belt and Road Initiative”.
  • The Strategic Partnership between China and the European Union and their role in global governance
  • Water Diplomacy, a Role for the European Union
  • Why has Russia left Europe? The driving forces behind Russia's Pivot to Asia

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