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Gregorio Oxilia

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: BIO/08 Anthropology


Keywords: Asymmetries of masticatory system Human Evolution Evolutionary medicine Evolutionary Anthropology Dental Anthropology Palaeoanthropology

Paleoanthropologist with a strong interest in evolutionary medicine with particular attention to the physiologic individual occlusion. In particular, he is focused on the study of dynamic and static function of masticatory system in order to understand cranio-facial asymmetries linked to post-cranial anomalies. The aim of his researches is to find 1) the possible link between palatal morphology and tongue posture during swallowing, speeching, malocclusion and posture, 2) relation among skull bones and vertebral column, 3) to what extent locomotion interact with occlusion and vice versa. All these points will be useful to explain in which terms our specie (H. sapiens) differ to hominid fossils, explaining cranial and post-cranial asymmetries through a holistic view. Gregorio is currently junior Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna.

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