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Giovanni Maria Poggi

PhD Student

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences


Keywords: Climate change Resilient crops Phenology - Physiology

My PhD project focuses on the multiproxy characterization of a collection of durum wheat germplasm, representative of the worldwide variability of the species and its wild relatives, with particular focus on its characterization for water stress resistance.

My research fellowship (April 2019 - October 2020) concerned LIFE 2017 European project CCA / IT / 000067 RESILIENCE AGRICOLTURE (GREAT LIFE). The project aims to tackle the effects of Climate Change on agriculture, through an integrated approach, based on the introduction in the areas of the Po Valley of crops resilient to Climate Change as well as on the development of resilient agronomic techniques.

Specifically, during the research, grant I covered with my activity the professional figure of agronomist expert in environmental and field monitoring, with particular reference to millet and sorghum crops and their comparison with corn in parcel tests as regards :

- Definition of crop phenology based on the Phenagri experimental protocol

- Elaboration of crop water balance on the basis of agrometeorological data collected in the field through specific instruments installed

- Elaboration of the main physiological and agronomic-performance parameters of crops (yield, phytosanitary status, biometric measures) through surveys carried out during the crop cycle

- Analysis of the physiological and productive responses of plants to changed climatic conditions and development of agronomic techniques for the optimization of the use of resources in herbaceous systems.

- Analysis of genotype-environment relationships in plants of agricultural interest

- Knowledge and definition of crop phenology

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