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Giovanni Poglayen

Adjunct professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Poglayen G. took his degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bologna in 1974. Professor at the universities of Padova, Bologna and Messina., on the first of January 2005 Prof. G. Poglayen was transferred, as full professor, in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna. His scientific activity was directed mainly to the studies of parasitic diseases of domestic and wild animals. In this field he went in particular in depth with epidemiology. Inside this item a wide space was dedicated to the deepening of the arrangement of risk factors. A significant line of research has focused on Veterinary Public Health. In 1998 he was invited to attend to the international workshop "Ecology of diseases in wildlife". He was often granted (local 60% and ex-60%). He has been national co-ordinator of three research programs (MURST 40%) Prof. Poglayen was the Director of the high school of specialization in " Technology and pathology of avian species, rabbit and game animals". G. Poglayen ha  has organized 3 Masters and many post doctoral educational programs (ECM). He was elected  as coordinator of the PhD in "Epidemiology and zoonoses Control" and collaborates with many local, national and international Laboratories and Institutions. During August 2003 he attended a course on Geografic Information Sistem (Gnosis GIS Short Course) at the Louisiana State University (USA). In September 2003 he was designated in the diplomate Veterinary Parasitology College (DipEVPC)and for two times confirmed. In 2012 he partecipated in the international examination for the entry of the new candidates for the college. He is authors of more then 300 publications, 7 OMS documents,, 20 writings of popular medicine, 2 book chaptes and 1 chaprer translated. The collaboration in an humanitarian project won him the title of Paul Harris Fellow  from Rotary International. From 2006 to 2013 was the coordinator of the section MIPAV of the Departement  of Medical Veterinary Sciences. He also was coordinator of the PhD School in Zoonoses Epidemiology and Control.  From June 2008 he is a member of the board of  the Italian Society of Parasitology (So.I.Pa). In 2009 he participated to found the  society  ESCCAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites Italy)   and was elected to  treasurer. He partecipated to two humanitarian missions, with technical/scientific aims, in Saharawi camps in Algeria. He is the Erasmus depatmental coordinator with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cordoba (Spain). Exploiting the Erasmus staff Mobility Programme he visited to hold  lectures and seminars, the Faculties of Lugo, Cordoba and Las Palmas in Spain. He is responsible for a mobility  agreement with the Faculty of Karkiv in Ukraine.

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