Foto del docente

Giovanni Pieretti

Full Professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SPS/10 Urban and Environmental Sociology

Curriculum vitae

Giovanni Pieretti is Professor at the University of Bologna  (scientific sector SPS/10, "Sociologia dell'ambiente e del territorio").

He is the Scientific Coordinator of Ce.P.Ci.T. (Centro Studi sui Problemi della Città e del Territorio) at the University of Bologna since 2009.

He is the president of Comunitalia. He was a member of the Commissione di indagine e studio sulla povertà e l'emarginazione, coordinated by Giovanni Sarpellon. He was also member of the following committees: Commissione Segretariato Sociale (RAI), Commissione di Studio in materia di sostanze stupefacenti (Ministry of Health), Comitato Scientifico dell'Osservatorio permanente sulle Tossicodipendenze (Ministry of Work), Commissione Cinema (Ministry of Cultural Heritage).

He is the vicepresident of ICEA, Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale.

He is associate member of the CNR-ITC of Milan (since 2017).

He was the Director of the Department of Sociology "Achille Ardigò" since November 2008. He was appointed Director of the Department of Sociology and Business Law in January 2012 (as a result of the departmental aggregation process of Bologna University) until May 2015. 

He was the national coordinator of Sociologia del Territorio Section in the AIS (Associazione Italiana di Sociologia) from September 2007 to September 2010.

His research interests are mainly focused on the study of territory and environment, with particular attention to urban changes and the issues about urban sprawl, periurban areas and città diffusa. Other research topics are the forms of social disease and marginalization (poverty and drug addiction), and the study of subordinate cultures in the city ("culture of essential").

As regards international activity, he took part in the International Invitational Consultation of Eranid (European Research Area Network on Illicit Drugs), which was held in Lisbon on October 1-2, 2014; he was present on behalf of the Department for Anti-Drug Policies (Presidency of the Council of Ministers). He is a member of LH Forum Scientific Committee. He coordinated a research project about urban poverty and welfare policies, promoted by the European Commission in the "Poverty 3" programme. He also coordinated the following European projects: Testa e piedi (about extreme poverty) and Il sogno di Vladimir (about the connection between extreme poverty and alcoholism).   

He was the Scientific Director of the Course Operare con le persone senza dimora, organized by San Marcellino Association in Genoa from 2001. He collaborates with FIOPSD (Federazione Italiana degli organismi delle Persone senza Dimora), and he is a member of the Editorial Committee of Tra, the FIOPSD review.

He is also a member of the Editorial Committee of the journals Salute e prevenzione and Studi di Sociologia.

He was the Director of the Urban and Rural Sociology Series and the journal "Sociologia urbana e rurale" for Franco Angeli publishing.