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Giovanni Pascale

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering


Mechanics of innovative meterials.

Behaviour of masonry strengthened with FRPs under horizontal loads.

Diagnostics and health monitoring of architectural cultural heritage with sonic and ultrasonic methods.

Analytical, statistical and experimental study on the factors affecting measuring errors on fibre composites by traditional and innovative strain sensors.

Analytical and experimental study of r.c structural elements strengthened with composite materials externally bonded.

Simplified sonic thomography of structural sections.

Analysis of damage and cracking of rock structural elements by means of microseismic tests.

Reliability of masonry subject to axial and bending loading.

Experimental and theoretical research on the non-linear behaviour of self bearing provisional precast slabs with truss elements.

Analysis of cracked beams on elastic foundation, under cyclic loading.

Study of the probabilistic aspects of the strength of brittle materials.

Evaluation of fiber optic sensors both in structural monitoring and in innovative applications, such as internal strain measurements and detection of strain differences at the interface, in structures externally reinforced with FRP.

Use of probabilistic methods to improve the evaluation of synthetic parameters of the in situ strength.

Applications of non destructive methods to the estimate of properties of concrete on site.

Study of the correlation between elastic modulus and compressive strength of concrete, with regard to thermal treatments.

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