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Giovanna Corsi

Alma Mater Honorary Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Curriculum vitae

  • Education
1974 - Laurea in Filosofia (cum Laude), University of Florence
1985 - M.A. in Philosophy (with Distinction), University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

1975 - Junior research fellow (Assegnista) in Logic, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Florence.
1980 - Senior research fellow (Ricercatrice) in Logic, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Florence.
1992 - Lecturer in Mathematical Logic, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Bologna.
1998 - Associate Professor in Logic, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Bologna.
2005 - Full Professor in Logic, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Bologna.

From June 2014 - President of the  "Società Italiana di Logica e Filosofia delle Scienze"
Academic Functions
From 2006 - Resident Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study (ISA)
2007-2010 - President of Corso di Laurea in Filosofia. Univ. of Bologna.
2010-2013 - President of Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Filosofiche. Univ. of Bologna.
2007 - 2009 Member of the PhD Program "Mente, Logica, Linguaggio"
2009- 2013 Member of the PhD Program "Science Cognition and Technology"
From 2014 Member of the PhD Program "Philosophy, Science, Cognition and Semiotics"
1979 - Grant for a study visit at the University of Oxford, U.K, Sept. 1978 - Apr.1979.
1983 - Scholarship at the Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, Febr.-Nov. 1983
1986 - Visiting fellowship at the University of Stanford, California, Jan.-Jun. 1986.
1988 - Visiting fellowship at Oxford and Leeds, 20th April - 30th June 1988
1990 - Visiting fellowship at the Institut fuer Informatik der Universitaet Muenchen, November-December 1990.
2001 - Visiting fellowship at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Amsterdam 11 set. - 21 dic. 2001.
2002-2005 - Scientific director of the research on Infinity at the Philosophy. Dept., Univ. of Bologna (26 seminars)
2004 - Bologna-Clare Hall fellowship, Cambridge, April-June 2004

Invited talks and seminars (abroad)
Quantified Epistemic Systems Based on Free Logic, invited talk at the Conference  "Trends in logic, XI", Bochum, 3-5 June 2012
Approaches to Quantified Epistemic Logic, invited talk at the Conference  "Logic, Reasoning and Rationality", Gent, 20-22 September 20100
-  Logiche modali: un piccolo tour, invited talk at Scuola di Logica organized by AILA, 31 August - 4 September, Gargnano 2010
-  Necessary for, invited talk at the 13th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Beijing, August 9-15, 2007
-   BF, CBF and Lewis Semantics, Oct 2004, Philosophy Department University of Stockholm (S)
Quantified modal logics in a unified framework, May 2004 Oxford, Subfaculty of Philosophy, (UK)
Quantified modal logics, an overview, June 2004 St Andrews, (UK)
Transition frames with counterpart relations, May 2004 Cambridge, Computer Science Dept.,UK
-   3 lectures on Quantified modal logic and possible world semantics, 23-24 Oct 2001, OzsL Schoolweek, Nunspeet (NL)
Counterpart semantics. A foundational study of quantified modal logic, Nov 2001, ILLC, Amsterdam (NL)
A unifying completeness theorem in quantified modal logic, conference on "Methods for Modalities'', 29-30 Nov 2001, Amsterdam, (NL).
8 lectures on Modalities, substitution and quantifiers, 22 Jan. - 19 feb. 2001, Uppsala University (S)

Le basi della logica on-line:

Scientific Journals (member of the editorial board)
Journal of Philosophical Logic

Congresses (member of the scientific committee)
9-th International Conference on ADVANCES IN MODAL LOGIC
Copenhagen, 22-25 August, 2012