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Gilmo Vianello

Adjunct professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Curriculum vitae

June 9 th 1943 been Born in Venice is professor at Pedology Chair (AGR /14) of  Agriculture and of "Sciences NN. FF.MM" Faculties of the Bologna University where it holds teachings within the Courses of triennial degree in "Sciences of the territory and the environment agronomy and forestry environment ", "agrarian Technologies." "Green ornamental and of the landscape" and of the magistral courses of degree in" "Planning and management of the ecosystems agroterritorali, forest and of the landscape", agrarian Technologies" and "Geology and territory."
At the present moment he has to his asset more than 200 publications on national and international magazines on themes regarding the formation and the soil evolution, the contamination and the I degrade some grounds, the land use, the representations of the territory,  cartographic systems, remote sensing and GIS.

A1) Positions within the Faculty of Agriculture in Bologna.  Beside the Faculty of Agriculture of Bologna University is Manager of the Experimental Center for Analysis and Soil Study (CCSAS) sincer 1983  - From him 2004/2005 are President of the Course of specialistic / magistral degree in "Planning and management of the forest and agroterritorial ecosystems and of the landscape" - From him  2006/2007 are President of the Committee Orientamento of the Faculty of Agriculture and in such component dress of the Committee of Athenaeum for the didactic orientation and students tutorial.

A2) External didactic charges to the Faculty of Agriculture (reported a last 8 years) From him today 2001/2002 to everything are titular for trust of the charges of "General and applied soil science " near the Faculty of Territorial Sciences and of "Physical and Environmental Sciences" near the Faculty of Sciences of the Formation, of the Bolzano Free University.

A3) Scientific responsibility (reported a last 8 years).  In 2000-2002 have been Responsible national of the Project of the MURST within the Plans of expansion of the net of search (CIPE) - Cluster 22 "Services to the citizen and l territory" from the title "integrated monitoring model on different connected territorial realities to a geographical information system" - In 2003-2006 have been responsible national of a Project FIRB of the MIUR related to the Strategic Program "Science and technology in the Society of the Knowledge" from the title "Diffusion and experimentation of the cartography, of the remote sensing and of the geographical information systems as didactic technologies applied to the study of the territory and the environment" (PNR 2001-2003 - FIRB art. 8 - D.M. 199 Rics. of March 8 2001) - In 2003 - 2006 have been responsible scientific of the Unity of Search "Monitoraggio of the quality of the waters ends irrigated reflue in some realities of the Po river basin" within the Project FIRS financed by the MiPAFs and by the MIUR, "ends Optimization irrigated of the qualities of the wastewaters for the safeguard of the resource ground and for the multiple use of the resource water" (Art. 51, paragraph 9, of December 27 th 1997, n. 449. D.M.- From the academic year 2007/2008 are Manager of the International Summer School LLP IP Erasmus "Recreational and touristic itinerary planning in to mountain agroecosystem of particular historical, archaeological and environmental interest."

A4) Share to technical-scientific (reported a last 8 years)
Committee For the triennio 2001 - 2004 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Project "Geographical Informative Systems applied to the territory and the environment" of the FORMEZ - Center of Formation and Studies - From 2000 to all today it belongs to the Committee Regionale of Coordination Promotion Organization and Development of the Activities of Information and Environmental Education - art. 6 LS.R. 15/1996 - Region Emilia - Romagna - From 2003 to everything today it is component of the scientific technical advisory Committee for the Pedological national observatory and for the quality of the agricultural and forest ground of the MiPAF (Office of the Agricultural and Forest Politics).

A5) Positions within character Society scientific (you report a last 8 years)
 From 2001 to everything today Member of the Directive Committee of the Italian Association of Cartography (To.The.C.) - In the two years.2001 - 2002 president of the VIII Commissione of the Italian Society of Soil Sciences (SISS.) - In the triennio 2001 - 2003 Component the Scientific Suggestion of the Federation Scientific Associations for the Territorial and Environmental Information (ASITA) - From 2003 to all today Member of the Directive Suggestion of the Italian Society of Soil Science (SISS-ISSS) - From 2003 to all today Member of the Directive Suggestion of the Italian Society of Pedologia (SIPE) - From the 2004 Partner Corresponding of the National Academy of the Agriculture (ANA).

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