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Gianpaolo Rossini


Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/02 Economic Policy


Keywords: economics of religion vertical integration press agencies religion home bias joint input production external debt media economics bargaining trade and protection migrations and land grabbing

Research Topics

a) Trade:  a.1. Vertical integration and separation in an open economy. a.2 Empirical and theoretical analysis of PPP. a.3 Theoery and applied analysis of' ”home bias” via survey data

b) Open Macroeconomics: b.1. Foreign debt sustainability and current account finance: emerging and developed countries. b.2. Effects of labour migration on conditions for optimal currency unions,

c) Industrial Organization: Vertical integration and separation under uncertainty in a dynamic framework. Flexibility of the vertical arrangement. Heterogeneous objectives of firms. Economics of information production. Applications to "press agencies. Economics of religion.

d) Microeconomics:  Bargaining under uncertainty. 

e) media economics

f) religion and home bias

g) environmental economics

Research outline


a) Trade


a.1. Vertical integration and outsourcing. Theoretical analysis using games theory: Emphasis on international transaction costs. Empirical tests on firm and industry data.


a.2. Theory and econometric analysis of PPP. International price discrimination and the PPP.


a.3 Home bias from survey data coming from questionnaires handed out in more than 20 countries all over the world.



b) Open Macroeconomics


b.1 Sustainability of foreign debt. In emerging and developed countries. Influence of the composition of the financial account. Liquidity and solvency of the foreign debt.


b.2 Migrations: effects on the Phillips curve and on the wage level. Determination of real wage in an open economy with international labor mobility


c) IO


c.1. Vertical integration and separation of firms analysed in an uncertain dynamic framework. Using real options tools we go through costs and benefits of vertical flexibility when entry and waiting are considered.


c.2. Economics of religion. Relationships between confessional belonging and home bias.


c.3. Production of information: the role of press agenzie. Info production in different markets and the effects of competition on the production of "biased" or "slanted" news.


d) Microeconomics

d.1. Bargaining under uncertainty and ex post asymmetries.

e) media economics - vertical organization of news

f) religion and home bias: survey in China, India, Japan, Argentina, Usa etc.

g) environmental economics: the relevance of transport costs