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Gianluca Marzola


Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione

Curriculum vitae


  • 17.11.2021 - Until the current date_ International PhD research at the University of North Carolina -UNCW

  •  Department of Psycology UNCW - Cohen Cognition and Perception Lab

  • 01.11.2019 - Until the current date_ PhD at the University Of Bologna

Philosophy, Science, Cognition, and Semiotics (PSCS) ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Via Zamboni, 33

  • 20.05.2014 – 26.05.2019 Municipal administration. Delegation:



youth representative;

Project "Restart: young yesterday, today and tomorrow. Promoted by Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities).



  • 28/05/2019 – 21/06/2019 Kaplan School of London

    Leicester Square – Intensive English Course. Intermediate level

  • 01/10/2018–01/10/2019 Post-graduate training

    University of Chieti and Pescara (Italy).

    Research laboratory in Cognitive, Memory and Ageing Psychology.

Consciousness and Neural Correlated of Consciousness;

Consciousness and relativity;

The Information Integration Theory.


  • 20/10/2016–22/09/2018 Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology

University of Chieti and Pescara (Italia)

Title of thesis: "Consciousness in the Integrated Information Theory: a relativistic perspective. Graduation vote: 110 cum laude/110

  • 01/10/2013–22/09/2016 Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques

University of Chieti and Pescara (Italia)

Title of experimental thesis: " Do your eyes lie? A rating on university students " Graduation vote: 95/110

  • 09/2008–07/2013 Diploma of Geometry Technician

Technical College for Geometry, Penne, Pescara (Italy)


  • Publication
  • The Relativity of Consciousness: the application of time dilation to the Theory ofIntegrated Information”. NeuroQuantology (G. Marzola, P.Di Carlo, A.Brancucci, 2019)
  • Effetti di facilitazione attentiva di stimoli complessi emotigeni nell’invecchiamento” (A.Bortolotti, G.Marzola, M.Balsamo, B.Perfetti, 2019)
  • "La relatività della coscienza. Teoria dell'informazione integrata e Relatività". Edizioni Accademiche Italiane. (G.Marzola, P.Di Carlo, A.Brancucci, 21/11/2019)
  • Test and research tools
  • SPSS, WAIS, MMSE, GDS, Panas, Corsi block-tapping test, Digit Span, Raven’s progressive matrices, Clock drawing test, Test Rey's 15 words, Trail Making Test, Statistica, Qualtrics.
  • Languages: 
  • 1. Italian
  • 2. English (B1)
  • 3. Spanish (B2)
  • Membership in groups and associations

  • In 2016 I was the founding member of the "Farindola International Arts Festival" association born thanks to the collaboration of the municipal administration with the English artist Paul Critchley. This association organizes international events in the area by selecting artists from all over the world (Germany, France, Holland, England, USA, Canada). The goal is to improve the socio-cultural and economic conditions of the small villages of the hinterland by making their beauty known through art.

    As delegated to the representation of local associations I have been collaborating in the last five years with:

  • Since 2016 I have a passion for beekeeping that brought me into contact with the FAI (Italian Beekeepers Federation). In the same year I approved in the municipal council the first council resolution for the protection of the Italian honey bee and the creation of an eco-museum for its protection;
  • Proloco;
  • Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), for ski course e enhancement of the paths
  • Avis;
  • Auser;
  • Cultural association “ViviFarindola”.

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