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Exam registration - Verbalizzazioni

As you all know, after you take (and pass) the exam, the instructor (me in this case) has to register it in AlmaEsami. After the exam, I will first input the grade you received in the test, but, that grade is still not registered yet. To do so, I need you to explicitly accept it, in person or by email.

Hence, as of May 2016, we will proceed this way:

1) for the students passing the exam with top grade (30/30): you don't have to do anything. I will assume you accept the grade (well, I would think so) and will automatically proceed with the registration;

2) for all the others: I  will specifically earmark office hours, normally the week after I input the grades in AlmaEsami, for you to personally come to my office and I will register your grade right away.

Please carefully keep in mind these guidelines, when planning to take the exam.




Pubblicato il: 07 marzo 2016