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Giampaolo Viglia

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Curriculum vitae

Personal information

Current Position and Affiliations: Professor of Marketing
Editor-in-Chief Psychology & Marketing

Research fields

Service Marketing; Pricing; Online reputation; Digital Marketing; Tourism and Hospitality; Consumer Decision-Making;

Main publications

2020. Strategic consumer behavior in online hotel booking. Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS), accepted (with Masiero and Nieto-Garcia)

2020. Vulnerable consumer engagement: How corporate social media can facilitate the replenishment of depleted resources. International Journal of Research in Marketing (4 ABS), accepted (with Fletcher-Brown et al.)

2020. Customers’ willingness to disclose personal information throughout the customer purchase journey in retailing: The role of perceived warmth. Journal of Retailing (4 ABS), accepted (with Aiello et al.)

2020. It makes me feel vulnerable! The impact of public self-disclosure on online complaint behavior. International Journal of Hospitality Management (3 ABS), 88, 102512 (with Dyussembayeva et al.)

2020. A review of experiments in tourism and hospitality. Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS), 80, 102858 (with Dolnicar)

2019. Paying before or paying after? Timing and uncertainty in pay-what-you-want pricing. Journal of Service Research (4 ABS), 22 (3), 272-284 (with Jan Schumann, Marta Maras, and David Navarro)

2019. Be social! The impact of self-presentation on peer-to-peer accommodation revenue. Journal of Travel Research (4ABS), doi: (with Marta Nieto-Garcia, Pablo Munoz-Gallego and Oscar Gonzales-Benito)

2019. Predicting consumers’ cheating behavior. The role of mental representation of goods and psychological ownership. Psychology & Marketing (3 ABS), 36, 1039-1045 (with Vito Tassiello, Sianne Gordon and Laura Grazzini)

2019. The impact of dynamic pricing on revenue maximization. Tourism Management (4 ABS), 74, 224-233 (with Juan Luis Nicolau and Graziano Abrate)

2019. Personal or Product Reputation? Optimizing Revenues in the Sharing Economy. Journal of Travel Research (4 ABS), 58 (1), 136-148 (with Graziano Abrate)

2019. When empathy prevents negative reviewing behavior. Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS), 75, 265-278 (with Rebecca Pera, Laura Grazzini and Daniele Dalli)

2018. The determinants of stakeholder engagement in digital platforms. Journal of Business Research (3 ABS), 89, 404-410 (with Rebecca Pera and Enrique Bigné)

2018. How handwriting reduces negative online ratings. Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS), 73, 171-179 (with Vito Tassiello and Anna Mattila)

2018. Beyond chemistry. The role of employee emotional competence in personalized services. Journal of Services Marketing (ABCD A), 32 (3), 346- 359 (with Jorge Matute and Ramon Palau)

2017. When distinction does not pay off - Investigating the determinants of European agritourism prices. Journal of Business Research (3 ABS), 80, 45- 52 (with Graziano Abrate)

2017. Entrepreneurial Overconfidence and its Impact Upon Performance: Personal and firm determinants in the Italian context. International Small Business Journal (3 ABS), 35(6) 709–728 (with Dean Patton et al.)

2016. Who am I? How compelling self-storytelling builds digital personal reputation. Journal of Interactive Marketing (3 ABS), 35, 44-55 (with Rebecca Pera and Roberto Furlan)

2016. Exploring how digital storytelling builds relationship experiences. Psychology and Marketing (3 ABS), 33(12), 1142-1150 (with Rebecca Pera)

2016. Strategic and tactical price decisions in hotel revenue management. Tourism Management (4 ABS), 55, 123-132 (with Graziano Abrate)

2016. The exploration of hotel reference prices under dynamic pricing scenarios and different forms of competition. International Journal of Hospitality Management (3 ABS/ABDC A*), 52, 46-55 (with Aurelio Mauri and Manu Carricano)

2015. Turning ideas into products: subjective well-being in co-creation.The Service Industries Journal (2 ABS), 35(7-8), 388-402 (with Rebecca Pera)

2014. The effect of social comparison on reference price formation in a purchasing

context. Journal of Economic Psychology (ABDC A), 45, 168-180 (with Graziano Abrate)

2014. Pricing, online marketing behaviour and analytics. Palgrave-MacMillan, New-York, US. ISBN 9781137413253.

2012. Dynamic pricing strategies: Evidence from European hotels. International Journal of Hospitality Management (3 ABS/ABDC A*), 31(1), 160-168 (with Graziano Abrate and Giovanni Fraquelli)

Previous positions

2017-2019 Reader in Marketing and Research Lead, Department of Marketing, University of Portsmouth, UK (January 2017-July 2019)

2015-2017 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University, UK

Education and Qualifications

February 2016

HE Fellowship

Higher Education Academy, UK

Ph.D. in Economics, Finance and Management (Marketing)

University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Ph.D. in Business and Applied Statistics

University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Msc Management (Cum laude)
University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Visiting PhD student

London School of Economics, London, UK

Graduation in Business Studies (Cum laude) University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy

January March

2016 2012


June July


2009 2008

Support from external research grants

2019 Grant as a co-PI for bringing the “Advances in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing and Management” conference. Funding of £ 15000 from the

Washington State University (USA)

2018 Academic Lead KTP – Fresh Relevance (Artificial intelligence and Digital Marketing Company). Total funding of the project 221875 £

2018 Grant as a co-I from the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) for a Marketing Analytics course for PhD students and young researchers. Total funding of the project 4260 £

2018 Grant as a Principal Investigator “Increasing conversion rates in SMEs”. (CRT Foundation). Total funding of the project 20000 £

2017 Grant as a Principal Investigator “Discrete choice models for pricing”. (Isambard Kingdom Brunel scheme) supported also by internal pump-prime. Total funding of the project 10000 £

2016 Grant as a collaborator “FoodSMART” (European Commission, Marie S-Curie Action: RISE). Total funding of the project 118000 £

2016 Grant as Principal Investigator “Innovations in hospitality and travel” (Economic and Social Research Council – ESRC). Total funding of the project 1000 £

2014 Grant as a Principal Investigator “Revenue Management: evidence from the travel and hospitality industry” (CRT Foundation). Funding of 30000 €

2012 Grant as a collaborator “RI.OR.TEC (food science)” (European Fund Development). Total funding of the project 240000 €

2011 Grant as Principal Investigator “Marco Polo II” (European Commission). Total funding of the project 10000 €

Editorships. Membership of editorial board committees, editorial and reviewing activities, PhD completions and other committees

Associate Editor of Annals of Tourism Research (4*)

Membership of editorial board committees: Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Travel Research (4*), Journal of Business Research (3*), Tourism Mnagement (4*), International Journal of Hospitality Management (3*) and Tourism Economics (2*). Methodological Editor of the Service Industries Journal (2*). Special issue editor and member of the editorial board of Journal of Information Technology and Tourism.

Editorial activities:

2019. Special issue editor. The Sharing Economy: Psychological Mechanisms that Affect Collaborative Consumption, Psychology and Marketing (3 ABS)

2019. Special issue editor. Experimental research in Tourism, Annals of Tourism Research (4 ABS) (with Sara Dolnicar)

Reviewing activities: Ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Services Management, Tourism Management, International Small Business Journal, Annals of Tourism Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management.

PhD completions: Five PhD completions, four on-going PhD student. External PhD examiner in UK (University of Reading and University of Surrey) and internationally (University of Girona and University of Salamanca, Spain).

Member of the Committee Panel of the Austrian Science Fund (2017-to date) and of the Italian Ministry of Education for PRIN (financing basic research, 2017-to date).

Member of Committee board of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Academy - INEKA (May 2018-to date) and International Federation for Information Technology and Travel (June 2015-to date).

Teaching experience

2018-present Instructor – Contemporary issues in Marketing (University of Portsmouth)

2017-present Instructor – Quantitative Research Methodology (PhD) (University of Portsmouth)

2016-2017 Instructor – Strategic Marketing Management, Marketing Analysis and Decisions and Research Methods (UG and PG) (University of Portsmouth)

2015-2017 Instructor – Hotel Industry Analytics (Executive teaching) (Bournemouth University)

2015-2017 Instructor - Revenue Management and Research Methods (UG) and Tourism and Hospitality Principles and Practice (PG) (Bournemouth University)

2015 Invitation for seminars, post graduate and executive talks (Bocconi University and University of Bologna)

2014-present Visiting professor - International Marketing Strategy (IQS School of Management)

2013-2014 Graduate professor - Marketing Analytics (University Pompeu Fabra)

2013-2014 Adjunct professor - Research Methods for Management (Toulouse Business School)

2011-2014 GMAT instructor (ESCP-EAP, Toulouse Business School)

2010-2014 Teaching Fellow - Marketing Strategy and Quantitative methods (University Pompeu Fabra)

2009-2014 Teaching Assistant - Advanced Marketing (University of Eastern Piedmont)

2009 Teaching Assistant - Managerial Statistics (University of Turin)

2006-2011 Teaching Assistant - Business English and Applied Statistics (University of Eastern Piedmont)

Professional practice

2017 Member of the British Academy of Management (BAM)

2016 Session Chair European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC)

2016 Official instructor and consultant of STR Share Date Center for the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics and the HOTS software (for Revenue Managers)

2015 External Examiner of the Council of Hospitality Management Education (CHME)

2015- Member of the Revenue Management Society and of CHME

2015- Member of the scientific committee of the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT)

2013 Managing a Spin-Off with Equilibra, European market leader in dietary supplement (agro-food sector), Turin

2012 Development of a price system for some hotels belonging to the chain Holiday Inn

September- December 2007, Buzzi Unicem, Trino (Vc)

Conferences and invited seminar presentations

  • - 2020. Invited scholar. Griffith University, Australia, June

  • - 2019. Visiting Professor. University of Nevada, USA, November and December

  • - 2019. It makes me feel vulnerable! The impact of public disclosure on online complaining behavior. Best paper award University of Central Florida, USA, December

  • - 2019. Organizer of the 9th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference. Portsmouth, UK, July

  • - 2019. Invited speaker. If you are tired of surveys and interviews try experiments. University of London, July

  • - 2019. I am not human, after all. The negative impact of human-like robots on customers’ attitude. Hamburg, June

  • - 2018. Invited speaker. Measuring actual marketing behavior. CBTS 2017. Bruneck (Italy), December

  • - 2018. I cannot say anything bad about Tom! The role of personal closeness on negative reviewing biases. GIKA 2018. Valencia (Spain), June 2018.

  • - 2018. Thought Leadership HTR Forum, ‘Evolving Thinking: Service applications for industry players’. 9–11 May 2018; Ohio State University. Forum organized by Professor Jay Kandampully.

  • - 2018. Invited speaker at the Summer School SIMA/SIM. University Napoli Parthenope, May 2018.

  • - 2017. Invited speaker. Field experiments in tourism and hospitality. CBTS 2017. Bruneck, December 2017.

  • - 2017. I cannot write anything bad on Tom! The role of personal closeness on negative reviewing biases. 4th world research summit for hospitality management and tourism, Orlando (Florida), December 2017.

  • - 2017. Hiding behind the screen: how the medium influences ratings. GIKA 2017. Lisbon (Portugal), June 2017.

  • - 2016. It is like rolling a dice. On noise and difficult convergence of non-certified review systems. CBTS2016. Brunico (Italy), December 2016.

  • - 2016. Paying before or paying after? The role of expectations and reciprocity in a Pay- What-You-Want environment. EMAC2016 conference, Oslo (Norway), May 2016.

  • - 2016. Exploring how digital storytelling builds relationship experiences. Best paper award, GIKA 2016 conference hosted by Journal of Business Research and by the Psychology and Marketing Journal (3* ABS), Valencia (Spain), March 2016.

  • - 2016. Price, price and price: Revenue management optimization and new pricing mechanisms. Invited speaker at University of Bologna (Italy), May 2016

  • - 2016. Shall I trust you? Modelling the determinants of revenues in the sharing economy. ENTER2016 conference, Bilbao (Spain), February 2016.

  • - 2015. Bringing digital dialogue to co-creation in multi-stakeholder ecosystems: the online and offline Expo2015 mega-event. 3nd world research summit for hospitality management and tourism, Orlando (Florida), December 2015.

  • - 2015. Paying before or paying after? The role of expectations and reciprocity in a Pay-What-You-Want environment. 3nd world research summit for hospitality management and tourism, Orlando (Florida), December 2015.

  • - 2015. When distinction does not pay off. Investigating the determinants of European agritourism prices” CBTS2015. Munchen, German, December.

  • - 2014. Exploring the relative contribution of tangible, reputational and strategic variables with hedonic price models. CBTS2014, Brunico, Italy, December.

  • - 2014. Correlation among Anomalies in Consumer Economic Behavior: Testing a Prediction from a Theory of Mental Accounting. 14th BDRM Conference, London, July.

  • - 2014. Overconfidence in Entrepreneurial Decision Making. INBAM Conference, Barcelona, June.

  • - 2014. The Effect of Negative Popularity on Consumer Preferences. 43th EMAC Conference, Valencia, June.

  • - 2014. Price competition within and between airlines and high speed trains: the case of the Milan-Rome route. Workshop on Tourists as Consumers, Visitors, Travellers, Free University of Bozen, April.

  • - 2013. Reputazione e monitoraggio della competizione in tempo reale: le sfide innovative del pricing online. Best paper award, XXV Annual Conference, Sinergie, Ancona, October 2013 (with Graziano Abrate)

  • - 2013. “Erase and rewind, I have changed my mind”: on the managerial overconfidence of entrepreneurs, 7th conference on performance measurement and management control, Barcelona, September 2013, ISSN 2295 – 1660 (with Diana Passarani and Anna Chiara Invernizzi)

  • - 2013. The privilege of loneliness: how dynamic hotel rates depend on the number of competitors with available rooms and on the level of luxury of such hotels, 2nd world research summit for hospitality management and tourism, Orlando (Florida), December 2013, ISBN 978-960-287-1393 (with Graziano Abrate)

  • - 2013. Testing a new and odd theoretical prediction: Sunk-cost effects and the flat-rate bias are negatively correlated, Subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making, Barcelona, August 2013 (with Manel Baucells)

  • - 2013. The effect of some anomalies in consumption on the reference price, International Marketing trends conference, Paris, January 2013, ISBN: 978-2-9532811-5-6.

  • - 2012. Reference-point formation: the effect of social comparison in a marketing scenario, International Marketing trends conference, Venice, January 2012, ISBN: 978-2-9532811- 3-2.

  • - 2009. Visiting PhD student, London School of Economics (July-August).

  • - 2009. Workshop on “Problem solving and decision making” and “Case teaching methods”, London, European School of management (February and July).

    Media appearance and recognition from peers

    Popular accounts of my research have appeared in: The Conversation, specialized book chapters, European Commission pages

Recognition from peers: In my Google Scholar I have an i10-index of 28 and around 1800 citations. In the independent platform Publons, I have been recognized as a top 5% peer reviewer, with also a substantial track of verified editor records.

Computing skills: Extensive knowledge of Windows Office, Spss, Stata, XLSTAT and working knowledge of R

Languages: Italian: mother tongue, English: fluent (C2), French: beginner (A1) Spanish: advanced level (C1), Catalan: beginner (A1)

Summer schools: Research Methodology (Escp-Eas, July 2009), Summer School on field experiments (Unical, 2016)

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