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Giacomo Pedini

Adjunct professor

Department of the Arts


Keywords: Drama, directing and ludic strategies of attendence. Modern reception of ancient theatre. Drama in Renaissance. Theatre and education in Renaissance and in the XX Century

Directing and contemporary drama in the fields of community theatre and thecniques of attendence.

Direction and drama in gamic culture.

He studies the theatrical and literary fortune of the operas and the themes of the greek theatre in Italy between the Risorgimento and the Unity (in a European perspective), giving particular attention to the political implications, both of elaborating democratic-republican mythologies and of the emergence of modern aesthetic of power in the nascent mass society.

He studies the fortune of tragedy in the Renaissance, with a particular interest in the court of Ferrara and in Giraldi Cinzio.

He studies the relations between actorial practice and the education, both in the cultural system of the Renaissance both in the history of the theatrical education in the second half of the XX century.