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Gabriela Piana

Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


Keywords: disability rare syndrome dental trauma preventive dentistry paediatric dentistry

All patients with systemic diseases presented morpho-functional alterations in craniofacial district: oral mucosa pathologies,  high prevalence of caries and parodontal diseases, dental malocclusion (some provide a dental trauma), morpho-structural abnormalities of the face, etc ... In literature are reported little data on oro-facial alterations, characteristics of each disease. Principal reserch's areas: orthopedics-orthodontic alterations in children with genetic and chromosomic syndromes, odontostomatological problems in children with chronic and systemic diseases; oro-facial characteristics in children with rare diseases.

The analysis of  literature showed how all the patients with rare and systemic diseases  presented  morpho-functional alterations in craniofacial district. In particular the oral cavity in those patients presented a high prevalence of caries and parodontal diseases, compared to the healthy population; an increased risk of dental trauma  Particular interest should be addressed to orthopedic-ortodontic alterations, abnormalities presented with high prevalence in patients with systemic diseases rare. Abnormal muscle tone (lingual and circumoral), persistent atypical swallowing, breathing oral, hormonal imbalances, development and pathological growth of craniofacial district  typical of the disease (syndromic paintings) are some of the abnormalities in patients with systemic diseases and are responsable of disgnazie that influenced quality of life. Intercept these moments pathological means making a substantial improvement in function (chewing, swallowing, fonazione, respiration) and quality of life.

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