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Francesco Sauro

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

Curriculum vitae

Anagraphic Data 

Born in Padova, Italia, 17 September 1984.

Living in Padova (cap. 35123), in Via de Silvestri 4.

Fiscal Code: SRAFNC84P17G224T

Bank account details: Antonveneta, Padova, named to Francesco Sauro

IT 98 M 01030 12150 000004354789


Academic titles

Maturity Diploma at the Liceo Classico Albino Marchesi (Padova, Italia) on July 2003.


B.Sc. (laurea triennale) in Geology on 7 March 2008, (with an evaluation of 110/110) at the University of Padua.


M.Sc. (laurea magistrale) in Geology and Technical Geology on 12 November 2010 (with an evaluation of 110/110 with distinction)


2009-2013: PhD student in geology at the University of Bologna with a research about karst and caves in quartzite environment (Venezuela).



He speaks, writes and understands Italian, Spanish and English.


University Teaching  In the first semester of the academic year 2011/2012 he was teaching tutor for a total of 35 hours helping Prof. Jo De Waele in his Course "Geography and Cartography" in the first year of Natural Sciences at the University of Bologna. He was tutor of the same course for a total of 60 hours also in the academic year 2012/2013. 
 Research activities


During his B. Sc. Thesis entitled “The geological context of Naica macro-geods, Chihuahua, Mexico” he has carried out a field geological survey, 3D modeling by Laser Scanner technologies and structural analysis in the silver-rich sulfide mine of Naica.


During his M.Sc. Thesis entitled “Structural control of a deep karst system in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, Venetian, Italy” he performed a detailed 3D survey model of the cave system (30 km of conduits) together with the geologic settings of the area. The model was used to statistically analyze the distribution of the karst features. During this research he carried out also petrographical and chemical analysis and a complete geologic map of the area.


He carried on researches on the speleogenesis of Spluga della Preta cave and Pisatela cave, with petrographical studies, stable isotopes analysis, and Secondary Electron Microscopy.


In 2011 he took part to a research mission in Saint Paul Karst System in Philippines, with researchers from many different institutions. There he carried on monitoring on tides influence, conductivity and temperature of the cave waters, and also chemical analysis.


During his PhD research project he took part to four research mission in the Venezuelan Tepuis carrying on water geochemistry analysis, micro-erosion measures, and fission-track sampling. He has worked on the sedimentary petrography lab of the University of Bologna, and with powder diffractometer in the University of Modena.

In 2012 he worked in the Geochronology Lab of Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) for a research on U-Th dating of speleothems. He worked also with the  Termic Ionization Mass Spectrometer  “Selena” in the same University.

In 2013 he had collaborations with the ETH of Zurich working on apatite and zircon separation (with SELFRAG and heavy liquids) and SEM analises.


In 2011 he discovered one of the highest dinosaur tracks of the Alps, at about 3010 m a.s.l. on Monte Pelmo. In February 2012 he has discovered in Venezuela a mineral new to science (Rossiantonite, published in American Mineralogist).

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