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Francesco Maicu

PhD Student

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Short Bio

I graduated in Civil Engineering and worked at the University of Parma and the Public Administration at the mathematical modelling of river floods and the definition of the inundation areas. Then, at the Venice Water Authority, I improved my skills in numerical modelling (hydrodynamics, pollutants dispersion in water and atmosphere), GIS and met-ocean data analysis.

My research career started in 2013 at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the National Council for the Researches in Venice with a research fellowship. I mainly worked on the 3D mathematical modelling of the Po River Delta (river, lagoons and coastal sea, SHYFEM model) and oceanographic surveys oriented to the Marine Rapid Environmental Assessing.

Finally in November 2019 I joined the University of Bologna in the PhD Frontiers, "The Future of the Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges". I am working at the coupled numerical modelling of ocean and atmosphere in the Mediterranean area (WRF and NEMO models).

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Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Augusto Righi"
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