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Francesco Bianchini

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/02 Logic and Philosophy of Science


Keywords: Analogy Philosophy of cognitive science Philosophy of Mind Philosophy of science Cognitive modeling Analogical reasoning Concepts

a) Historical developments of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, with special reference to origins and their most influential personalities (Turing, von Neumann, Simon, Selfridge, McCarthy, Minsky, etc.), the previous history (cybernetics, logic, etc.) and most recent evolutions (new artificial intelligence and cognitive science, robotics and new robotics, natural language processing, knowledge representation, knowledge management, analogy and anlogical reasoning, cognitive modeling).
b) tha nature of concepts and their role in mental processes, within the framework of knowledge representation and in the wide range of cognitive science, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.
c) theme from philosophy of mind, both from a historical point of view and in contemporary reflection: mind-body problem, theories about the mind and the mind/brain system, perception, consciousness; problems regarding self-identity, the notion of I and self-awareness within the artificial, biological or simulative sphere; cognitive architecture and complex adaptive systems; swarm intelligence; epsitemology of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology.
d) Questions of history and philosophy of science, with special regards to historical and theoretical developments of logic, epistemology, and to philosophy of biology and science connected to exaplanation of mental phenomena.
e) General philosophical and epistemological questions, from seventeenth century up to present time.