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Francesco Maria Benedetti

Teaching tutor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering


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Publications prior to 2004

M. Galizia, F.M. Benedetti, D.R. Paul, B.D. Freeman; Monovalent and divalent ion sorption in a cation exchange membrane based on cross-linked poly(p-styrene sulfonate-co-divinylbenzene); JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, 535 (2017) 132-142

J. Kamcev, M. Galizia, F.M. Benedetti, E-S. Jang, D.R. Paul, B.D. Freeman and G.S. Manning; Partitioning of mobile ions between ion exchange polymers and aqueous salt solutions: importance of counter-ion condensation; PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 18 (2016) 6021-6031

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