Foto del docente

Franca Zanetti

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Curriculum vitae

Born in Monzuno (Bologna) on 2 May 1949

Degree in Chemistry awarded 22.11.1973 at the University of Bologna. 

Qualified to practise the profession of Chemist in 1973.

Advanced studies in Health Law in 1977-78 at the University of Bologna.

Specialization in Hygiene with the orientation Laboratory and Public Health in 1981-82 at the University of Genoa.


University career

Hygiene assistant, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bologna (16.05.1975 - 31.10.1975).

Full Assistant, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Bologna (1.07.1980-30.09-2001).

Full Assistant, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bologna (1.10.2001-30.09.2002).

Associate Professor of General and Applied Hygiene, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bologna (since 1.10.2002-30.09.2015).

From the A.Y. 2012-13 is part of the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, Bologna University.

Adjunct professor since 1.10.2015

Teaching experience

Teaches on the degree courses in Pharmacy, Quality control for health products, Scientific information on drugs, Dental Hygiene at the University of Bologna.

Has taught regularly in the following Schools of Specialization in Bologna University: Diseases of the respiratory tract, Preventive hygiene and medicine, Ophthalmology, Radiotherapy, Hospital pharmacy and Toxicology.

Has also taught on University Diploma and Advanced courses, Masters, Schools for special purposes.

Has supervised practical exercises for the students of the Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine and Surgery.


Scientific experience

Has written 124 original articles for international and national journals, and 81 communications and abstracts in the field of Hygiene applied to the environment (investigations into: foods, potable water destined for human consumption, wastewaters) and Epidemiology (assessment of life styles in the population).


Research funding

In charge of research carried out during projects financed with university funds and has taken part in research projects financed by MIUR (PRIN).


Other activities

Referee for scientific journals and for the Ministry of Universities and Research (MIUR-FIRB).

Has taught in middle schools and high schools (1974-1980) and on professional courses for nurses organized by the regional authorities (1983-1995).