Foto del docente

Federicomaria Muccioli


Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/02 Greek History

Coordinator of PhD Programme of History and Archaeology. Studies on Heritage, Memory and Cultures

Curriculum vitae

1. He obtained the degree with full marks and honours in Classics, Università di Bologna, 11/22/1988, defending a degree thesis about: " Progettualità politica e realtà storiche in Platone e l'Accademia".

2. In 19991 he had a scholarship for three years in the Dottorato di ricerca in Storia antica (Università di Firenze), VIth cycle. He passed the final examination obtaining the title " dottore di ricerca" (7/21/1994). He defended his doctoral dissertation about: " Ricerche sulla diffusione nell'Oriente romano dei titoli regi Theos, Epifanes, Soter, Euergetes". 

3. In the academic year 1994/1995 he became member of the board of examiners in Storia greca, Epigrafia greca, Epigrafia e antichità greche (Università di Bologna), and he partecipated regularly to the exams as examiner.

4. In 1996 he obtained a post-doctoral scholarship for two years in the Università di Bologna, starting from the 1th of July 1996. His research was about the following topics: " Ricerche sull'ideologia politica della regalità ellenistica", in the Dipartimento di Storia antica, under the direction of prof. Lucia Criscuolo.

5. Since the 1th of february 1998 he is ricercatore di Storia greca (L02A, now L-ANT/02) in the Università di Bologna, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia (until the academic year 2004/2005). He was confirmed in this post after the first three years. In the academic years from 1997/1998 to 2001/2002 he gave seminars in the class of Storia greca, called: "Introduzione alla storia ellenistica". In the academic year 2001/2002 he gave also a seminar about "La riflessione sulla schiavitù e sulle forme di dipendenza nelle Leggi di Platone". 

6. In the academic years 2002/2003, 2003/2004 e 2004/2005 he was teacher of Istituzioni e antichità greche (5 CFU), in the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università di Bologna. 

7. In the academic years 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005 he was also teacher of Storia greca (6 CFU), in the Facoltà di Conservazione dei Beni culturali, branch of Ravenna, Università di Bologna.

8. In the academic year 2005/2006 he moved as ricercatore of Storia greca to the Facoltà di Conservazione dei Beni Culturali, branch of Ravenna, Università di Bologna, where he taught Storia greca (laurea triennale and laurea specialistica, respectively 6 and 5 CFU).

9. In the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia of the Università di Bologna, he was teacher in the academic year 2005/2006, class of Istituzioni greche (5 CFU) in the laurea triennale, and in the academic years 2006/2007 e 2007/8, class of Istituzioni greche (5 CFU) in the laurea specialistica.

10. In june 2010 he receveid a certification as associate professor of Storia greca in a competition for associate professor (University of Lecce) and he became associate professor in the University of Bologna (december 2010). He teaches there Storia greca and Storia ellenistica (Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia).

11. He was twice competition commissioner for an academic post of lecturer (University of Siena: 2002; University of Pisa: 2005). 

12. From academic year 2004/2005 to academic year 2009/2010 he was responsible for the University of Bologna of the exchange program Erasmus/Socrates (Ancient History) with the Universities of Köln, Trier, Göttingen, Leuven, Cambdrige.

13. Since 1998 he had partecipated regularly in the scientific research projects (under the guide of prof. L. Criscuolo; prof. G. Geraci; PRIN and RFO, ex 60 %). He coordinated two projects called “Giovani Ricercatori”, in the University of Bologna (about “Da Pitagora ad Alessandro. Culti eroici e culti divini nel mondo greco tra VI e IV secolo a.C.” in 1998 and “Il linguaggio epigrafico-monumentale della Graeca adulatio per i Romani in età repubblicana”, in 1999).

14. In autumn 2007 he was external reviewer for one of the applications for a Research Professorship at the University of Leuven and in april 2013 he gave a Review report for a “Postdoctoral Fellow” application al Research Foundation Flanders – FWO. He was external reviewer in spring 2009 for the publication of the Acta of VIIIth conference of International Plutarch Society (“Symposion and Philanthropia in Plutarch, Coimbra 2009) and of the volume L’Athenaion politeia rivisitata. Il punto su Pseudosenofonte, Milano 2011. He gave peer reviewer or some national and international journals. 

15. He is member of the italian branch of the International Plutarch Society.

16. In march 2005, with prof. T. Gnoli, he organized in Ravenna the conference " Incontri tra culture nell'Oriente ellenistico e romano", proposing a paper about: " La rappresentazione dei Parti nelle fonti tra II e I secolo a.C. e la polemica di Livio contro i levissimi ex Graecis". The Acta were published under the same title.

17. In december 2011 he organized a conference about the "Lex sacra of Selinunte" together with dr. A. Iannucci. Acta are published, with additional papers, under the title La città inquieta. Selinunte tra lex sacra e defixiones, Milano-Udine, Diadema nr. 2.

18. In march 2012 he organized a conference of three days, together with prof. T. Gnoli, about “Apotheosis: becoming god between antiquity and the middle ages”. Acta are published under the same title (Bologna 2014).

19. He is member of the scientific committee of “Electrum. Journal of Ancient History”, published in Krakow and directed by E. Dabrowa.

20. He is member of the scientific committee of “Simblos. Scritti di Storia antica“ (directed by A. Bencivenni, L. Criscuolo, G. Geraci).

21. Together with prof. A. Panaino, he is the editorial director of “Diadema. Studi di Storia Antica e Orientale” (Mimesis, Milano-Udine).

22. He is scientific director of the series Antiquitas (publisher: Jouvence, Milano) since January 2014.

23. He passed the National scientific qualification exams at the level of Professor (professore ordinario)  (10 D/1, ancient history: validity 2171/2014-21/1/2018).

24. From december 2010 to 15th of october 2012 he was scientific director of the Library of the Department of Ancient History (University of Bologna) and from april 2016 until now.

25. He published about 90 items (books, editings, articles, papers from conferences, reviews), since 1990. Other 7 items are under press. He partecipated in 20 conferences, of national and international importance.

26. In January, 29-30 2016 he organized an international conference ("Looking East. Iranian History and Culture under Western Eyes), together with prof. A. Piras. The conference was held in the Dipartimento di Beni Culturali, Univ. Bologna, Ravenna.

27. He was member of the scientific committee of the international conference "Gli Antichi alla corte dei Malatesta"; which was held in Rimini, Juine 9-11 2016.

28. He gave papers in many italian Universities (Genova, Milano Statale, Palermo, Piemonte Orientale, Roma 2, Siena Trieste, Venezia).

29. His current fields of research are:

-Heroic and divine cults in the Greek world before and after Alexander.

-Tyrants and leaders in Sicily and Magna Graecia between classical and Hellenistic periods.

-Political and social history of Hellenism.

-Tradition of antiquity in the court of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.

-Plutarch and the ancient biography.

- Greek Historiography in Roman times (Diodorus, Alexander Polyhistor, Timagenes).