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Fabio Marri


Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: L-FIL-LET/12 Italian Linguistics

Curriculum vitae

Born in Novi (Modena) on the 1st August 1950, graduated  from the Faculty of Bologna in Classical Studies, since 1973 he has been involved in teaching activities at the University of Bologna. In 1977 he obtained the chair of Italian Language. He currently teaches at the School of Education Science of Bologna.
Associate Professor since 1983,  Professor of Italian Linguistics in 2001.

He also worked as teacher of Humanities  at several Institutes, Professor at the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators-SSLMIT  of Forland three semesters at the University of Dresden as Guestprofessor.

1984-2003 he has been general secretary of the  Centre for Muratorian Studies of Modena, since 2003 he has been its president.

Among his publications we can find a glossary of Bonvesin de la Riva (1977, conspicuous appendix in 2005), the critical edition of the sixteenth-century treatise of Vicenzo Sigonio La difesa per le donne (1978).

Great number of works dedicated to Muratori: from the edition of the Vocaboli del nostro dialetto modanese (1984) to the edition of the 10th volume of the Carteggio (Botti-Busanzo, two volumes,1999 and 2002); from two volumes of essays in german with the collaboration of Maria Lieber, L. A. Muratori und Deutschland (1997) and Die Glueckseligkeit des gemeinen Wesens (1999) to a biographical profile of the author (2005). Numerous  essays were dedicated to the dialectal literature of the Po valley area between the fifteenth and sixteenth century and to the emilian regional culture: Lingue di terra (2007) is a comprehensive work about language and literature in Emilia-Romagna.

The twentieth century literature and its linguistic aspects is one of his best interests. Attention focused on comprehensive works such as the anthology Miserabili in prosa. Novecento (with G. Greco and L. Tinti) and monographic essays and arguments about single authors: Guareschi (2001-2010), Pontiggia (2006), novelists from Modena, don Zeno Saltini, contemporary crime stories writers.

Since 1983 researches on the contemporary Italian lexicon with attention to  sport language (football  and road racing), computer science and the reciprocal italian-german influence (La Germania in Italia, oggi,1996).

Since 1987 he has been publishing on the prestigious journal  'Lingua Nostra', a column about history and considerations on Italian neologisms (Riflessioni sull'italiano; Parole nuove, meno nuove, troppo nuove, etc.).

A further area of interest concerns  the  History of Linguistics and  Literary Criticism, with wide bio-bibliographic medallions dedicated to Pietro Fanfani (1979), Paolo Zolli (1991-2006), Alfredo Panzini (1995), Fiorenzo Forti (2008), Aurelio Roncaglia, etc.

Since 1973 a great amount of philological-linguistic reviews has been published.

Riflessioni sull'italiano (2007, new edition 2008) is a volume about didactics and linguistic education. Autobiographical cues can be found in the long story Il pane con l'olio (2002), in the last chapter of Lingue di terra and in Le peripezie di un professore di grammatica, a contribution to the fifty years of the Faculty of Education Science (2006).