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Eleonora Porcu

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/40 GINECOLOGIA E OSTETRICIA


Porcu E.; Tranquillo M.L.; Notarangelo L.; Ciotti P.M.; Calza N.; Zuffa S.; Mori L.; Nardi E.; Dirodi M.; Cipriani L.; Labriola F.S.; Damiano G., High-security closed devices are efficient and safe to protect human oocytes from potential risk of viral contamination during vitrification and storage especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, «JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS», 2021, 10, pp. 115 - 123 [articolo]

E. Porcu, L. Notarangelo , L. Cipriani, G. Damiano, P.M. Ciotti, N. Calza, S. Zuffa, M. Nadalini, E. Nardi, E. Borini, A. Borini., EFFECTS OF HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF RESVERATROL ON HUMAN SPERM CRYOPRESERVATION, «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2020, 34, pp. 339 - 340 [abstract]

Eleonora Porcu; Maria Lucrezia Tranquillo; Leonardo Notarangelo; Patrizia Maria Ciotti; Nilla Calza; Silvia Zuffa; Lisa Mori; Elena Nardi; Maria Dirodi; Linda Cipriani; Giuseppe Damiano; Francesca Sonia Labriola, HIGH SECURITY CLOSED DEVICES ARE EFFICIENT AND SAFE FOR VITRIFICATION TO PROTECT HUMAN OOCYTES FROM THE RISK OF VIRAL CONTAMINATION ESPECIALLY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC., «FERTILITY AND STERILITY», 2020, 114, pp. e183 - e184 [abstract]

Porcu E.; Cillo G.M.; Cipriani L.; Sacilotto F.; Notarangelo L.; Damiano G.; Dirodi M.; Roncarati I., Impact of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations on ovarian reserve and fertility preservation outcomes in young women with breast cancer, «JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS», 2020, 37, pp. 709 - 715 [articolo]

F. Andrei, P. Salvatori, L. Cipriani, G. Damiano, N.C. Rossi, E. Porcu, Seeking pregnancy through assisted reproduction technology treatments (ART): A comparison between couples receiving donated gametes and couples using their own gametes, «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2020, 35, pp. 339 - 340 [abstract]

Patrizia Maria Ciotti; Nilla Calza; Silvia Zuffa; Leonardo Notarangelo; Elena Nardi; Giuseppe Damiano; Linda Cipriani; Eleonora Porcu, SHORT ABSTINENCE IS A GOOD STRATEGY FOR TREATING VERY SEVERE OLIGOASTHENOTERATOSPERMIC (OAT) COUPLES, «FERTILITY AND STERILITY», 2020, 114, pp. e134 - e134 [abstract]

Cipriani, L; Porcu, E; Damiano, G; Sacilotto, F; Cillo, GM; Roncarati, I; Vergine, F, AMH, AFC and FSH long term follow up before and after chemotherapy in patients undergoing temporary ovarian suppression with GnRH analogs, «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2019, 34, pp. 356 - 357 [abstract]

E. Porcu, G. Damiano, L. Cipriani, F. Sacilotto, I. Roncarati, F. Vergine, G.M. Cillo,, LONG TERM MANAGEMENT OF OHSS SYNDROME IN A LARGE PATIENT POPULATION., «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2019, 34, pp. 500 - 501 [abstract]

E. Porcu, G. Damiano, L. Cipriani, S. Rossi, F. Fabbri, F. Sacilotto, G.M. Cillo, L. Notarangelo, P.M. Ciotti, N. Calza, L. Vaccarella, Effects of cancer on ovarian reserve and ovarian response to stimulation, «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2018, 33, pp. 326 - 326 [abstract]

E. Porcu, L. Cipriani, G. Damiano, F. Sacilotto, G.M. Cillo, L. Notarangelo, P.M. Ciotti, N. Calza, Is fertility preservation suggested in breast cancer patients with BRCA mutations, «FERTILITY AND STERILITY», 2018, 110, pp. 189 - 189 [abstract]

E. Porcu, G. Damiano, L. Cipriani, S. Rossi, F. Fabbri, F. Sacilotto, G.M. Cillo, L. Notarangelo, P.M. Ciotti, N. Calza, L. Vaccarella, Reproductive strategy in women with critical ovarian reserve., «HUMAN REPRODUCTION», 2018, 33, pp. 384 - 384 [abstract]

Spinaci, M; Bucci, D.; Gadani, B.; Porcu, E.; Tamanini, C.; Galeati, G., Pig sperm preincubation and gamete coincubation with glutamate enhance sperm-oocyte binding and in vitro fertilization, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2017, 95, pp. 149 - 153 [articolo]Open Access

Hokken-Koelega, A; van der Lely, Aj; Hauffa, B; Häusler, G; Johannsson, G; Maghnie, M; Argente, J; Deschepper, J; Gleeson, H; Gregory, Jw; Höybye, C; Keleştimur, F; Luger, A; Müller, Hl; Neggers, S; Popovic-Brkic, V; Porcu, E; Sävendahl, L; Shalet, S; Spiliotis, B; Tauber, M., Bridging the gap: metabolic and endocrine care of patients during transition, «ENDOCRINE CONNECTIONS», 2016, 5, pp. R44 - R54 [articolo]Open Access

Cipriani, L.; Bianchi, A.; Bazzocchi, A.; Fabbri, F.; Damiano, G.; Ciotti, P.; Notarangelo, L.; Calza, N.; Orazi, L.; Porcu, E., Can global temperature affect in vitro fertilization cycles?, «FERTILITY AND STERILITY», 2016, 106, pp. 286 - 286 [articolo]

Giuseppina Pacella; Ginevra Salsi; Tiziana Arcangeli; Aly Youssef; Antonio Farina; Maria Letizia Bacchi-Reggiani; Federica Bellussi; Giuseppe Mazzella; Francesco Azzaroli; Eleonora Porcu; Nicola Rizzo; Tullio Ghi, The impact of assisted reproductive technology and chorionicity in twin pregnancies complicated by obstetric cholestasis, «THE JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE», 2016, 29, pp. 1481 - 1484 [articolo]

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