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Eleonora Foschi

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies


Eleonora Foschi; Selena Aureli; Angelo Paletta, Accounting for circular bioeconomy: reflections from the case study of a value network in the bio-based plastic sector, in: Conference of the Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network, 2023, pp. N/A - N/A (atti di: 27th Conference of the Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network, Thessaloniki, 31 May - 2 June 2023) [Abstract]

Eleonora Foschi, Angelo Paletta, Luigi Mersico, Selena Aureli, Genc Alimehmeti, Are Bio-Based Plastics The Future For Toy Applications?, 2023. [Technical report]

Eleonora Foschi; Selena Aureli; Angelo Paletta, Linking bioeconomy, circular economy, and sustainability: Trends, gaps and future orientation in the bio-based and biodegradable plastics industry, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL IMPACT AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY.», 2023, 4, pp. 16 - 31 [Scientific article]Open Access

Jelena Barbir, Alexandros Lingos, Eleonora Foschi, Zaneta Stasiskiene, Constantina Skanavis, Walter Leal Filho, Assessing Readiness of Greek municipalities to introduce bio-based materials in waste management streams, in: International conference on sustainable solid waste management, 2022, pp. N/A - N/A (atti di: 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT, CORFU, 15-18June 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Eleonora Foschi; Angelo Paletta; Pietro Fochi, Designing a new institutional setting to implement the 2030 Agenda: evidence and research orientation, in: N/A, 2022, pp. N/A - N/A (atti di: IIAS-EUROMENA 2022 - Joint Conference on Next Generation Governance and Young Global Public Administration, Rome, 27-30 June 2022) [Abstract]

Eleonora Foschi; Angelo Paletta; Genc Alimehmeti, From cooperation to collaboration: value co-creation and preservation for circular bio-economy, in: Sustainable Business Model Challenges: Economic Recovery and Digital Transformation, 2022, pp. 1 - 1095 (atti di: 7th International Conference on New Business Models, Rome, 23-24 June 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Alessandra Bonoli; Eleonora Foschi, TOWARDS AN INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS NETWORK IN MARCHE REGION: AN EXPLORATORY RESEARCH, in: The industrial symbiosis for the national circular economy strategic plan, 2022, pp. 15 - 21 (atti di: Symbiosis Users Network Conference, Rimini, 8 November 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Paletta, Angelo; Foschi, Eleonora; Alimehmeti, Genc; Bonoli, Alessandra, A Step-by-Step Process towards an Evolutionary Policy Encouraging the Adoption of Sustainable Business Models, «SUSTAINABILITY», 2021, 13, Article number: 1176 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]Open Access

Eleonora Foschi, Filippo D'Addato, Alessandra Bonoli, Plastic waste management: a comprehensive analysis of the current status to set up an after-use plastic strategy in Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), «ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL», 2021, 28, pp. 24328 - 24341 [Scientific article]Open Access

Alessandra Bonoli, Werther Boninsegni, Eleonora Foschi, VALORIZATION OF RARE EARTH ELEMENTS FROM END-OF-LIFE FLUORESCENT LAMPS: A CONTRIBUTION TO URBAN MINING, «DETRITUS», 2021, 15, pp. 67 - 77 [Scientific article]Open Access

Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli, Manuela Ratta, A systemic paradigm to foster the circularity of plastic value chain, in: N/A, 2020, pp. N/A - N/A (atti di: LCIC 2020 -2nd Conference on Life Cycle Innovation, ONLINE, 26-28 Agosto 2020) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Eleonora Foschi; Sara Zanni; Alessandra Bonoli, Combining Eco-Design and LCA as Decision-Making Process to Prevent Plastics in Packaging Application, «SUSTAINABILITY», 2020, 12, Article number: 9738 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli, Francesco Di Maio, Life cycle technique to close the loop: from the recyclability to the circularity of plastic packaging, in: N/A, 2020, pp. N/A - N/A (atti di: LCIC2020 - 2nd Life Cycle Innovation Conference, ONLINE, 26-28 Agosto 2020) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Paletta A.; Leal Filho W.; Balogun A.-L.; Foschi E.; Bonoli A., Barriers and challenges to plastics valorisation in the context of a circular economy: Case studies from Italy, «JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION», 2019, 241, Article number: 118149 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Valentına Fantin, Ugo Mencherini, Elisabetta Boncio, Susanna Paoni, Giuseppe Creanza, Francesca Cuna, Chiara Mansanta, Gerardo Lancia, Eleonora Foschi, Marco La Monica, Tiziana Beltrani, Laura Cutaia, Mapping of regional policies and actions for industrial symbiosis, in: Best practices on inustrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies, 2019, pp. 13 - 17 (atti di: Third SUN - Symbiosis User Network Conference, Rimini, 7 Novembre 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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