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Elena Stramaglia

PhD Student

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


Keywords: 20th century German literature GDR literature Classical reception Literatur und Kulturkritik Studies in ancient and modern imperialism

PhD project: «Urzelle des Staates». Reception of Ancient Rome in GDR Literature (working title). Supervisors: Prof. Michael Dallapiazza (Bologna), Prof. Annette Simonis (Gießen). The project investigates the politico-literary reception of ancient Rome in East German literature. It focuses on the emergence, in the writing of authors such as Heiner Müller and Volker Braun, of a gegenwartskritisch image of Rome as a model for the modern (neo-)imperialist State, parallelly addressing the relationship between literature, power, and historiography as it emerges from the dialogue of modern with Roman authors.

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