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Donatella Campus

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


1) Political leadership with a focus either on organization theory or political communication. The relationship between leadership and the personalization, the popularization and the intimisation of politics

2) Women's leadership and communication style. Political communication, electoral propaganda and political language. The analysis of women in top positions in national and local government.

3) Analysis of political discussion and political participation offline and online. Analysis of electoral and permanent campaigns.

4) Mass media and quality of democracy.

The first of my research topics concerns the analysis of political leadership with attention either to aspects related to the organization theory (style of leadership and relationship between leaders and followers) or aspects related to communication (the language and communication style of political leaders). The research on communication aspects concerns also the relationship between leadership and phenomena like the personalization, popularization and intimization of politics.

Research on leadership has clear connections with my second line of research that has a special focus on gender and political leadership. The analysis of  the role of women in political top positions is also the object of another line of research. My interests in gender and politics are also extended to the online communication of female candidates.

The third research topic deals with forms of political participation, interpersonal communication, social networks and voting. In particular I analyze the role of political networks in filtering political information. The analysis concerns electoral and permanent campaigns and deals with offline and online politics.

The fourth line of research concerns the relationship between mass media and the quality of democracy. It concerns both citizens' reaction to media and media production and offer of political information. A particular focus is on mechanisms of interistitutional accountability between media and political natioanl and supranational institutions (i.e. EU).