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Denise Falchetti

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Department of Management

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Department of Management


Falchetti Denise, How a Strong Present Focus Fosters Radical Idea Recognition, in: The Generation, Recognition and Legitimation of Novelty, London, Emerald, 2022, pp. 187 - 204 (RESEARCH IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF ORGANIZATIONS) [Chapter or essay]

Falchetti D.; Cattani G.; Ferriani S., Start with “Why,” but only if you have to: The strategic framing of novel ideas across different audiences, «STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL», 2022, 43, pp. 130 - 159 [Scientific article]

simone ferriani, gino cattani, denise falchetti, When Pitching an Idea, Should You Focus on “Why” or “How”?, «HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW», 2021, online, pp. 1 - 5 [Scientific article]

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Falchetti, Denise; Cattani, Gino; Ferriani, Simone, Innovators’ Acts of Framing and Audiences’ Structural Characteristics in Novelty Recognition, in: Technology and Creativity, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, pp. 13 - 36 [Chapter or essay]

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Aadland, Erik; Falchetti, Denise; Ferriani, Simone, The Socio-Cognitive Bases of Reward Allocation: The Interplay between Status and Social in Peer-Base, in: Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019, 2019, pp. 11300 - 11328 (atti di: Academy of Management, Boston, 9-13 August 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

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