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Davide Dardari

Full Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-INF/03 Telecommunications

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Personal radars for radio imaging and infrastructure-less localisation (PRIMELOC)

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Principal Investigator: Davide Dardari

PRIMELOC envisions a future where location-based services, enabled outdoor by Galileo or GPS, will be widely provided also in indoor spaces, thanks to the availability of automatically generated maps and infrastructure-less localisation inside buildings.

In this project, we devise the new concept of personal radar as a fundamental step toward this goal. This concept stems out from the millimeter-wave (mmW) technology, which will pack hundreds of antenna elements in a credit card-sized area, thus providing personal devices (e.g., smartphones) with near pencil-beam radio scanning capabilities. This will make it possible for personal devices, turned into personal radars, to accurately scan the surroundings via beamforming, thus inferring a local map through the collection of radio echoes reflected by walls and objects. Yet, PRIMELOC is not just about building radio images, and hence maps. In fact, thanks to the maps generated by personal radars, the localization of users in the actual environment could become a reality, thus providing infrastructure-less, zero-cost, non-intrusive and highly accurate indoor localisation systems. Even more, we envision localisation and mapping processes done simultaneously.

We foresee that within ten years the personal radar could be embedded in mobile devices, such as smartphones or wearables, generating an impact similar to that of satellite-based outdoor mapping/positioning.

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